Labor Day festivals 2013: Washington, D.C., and Maryland

  Before the summer fun comes to an end, make sure your last few days go out with a bang. With Labor Day around the corner, now is a great time to start planning your festivities. Why not visit a Labor Day festival? Take a look at some of these festivals that may be worth […]

50 most powerful female pastors and bishops

Women across the world are continuing a trend in the religious community. More females are seeking ordination and accepting churches’  leadership positions. These women are overcoming strife and adversity for future female generations after them, so that there is no glass ceiling to prevent them to pursue their dreams and callings. Here are 50 female […]

30 celebrities who own restaurants

Top celebrities are branching out from their athletic, music and acting businesses to one part of culture people hold close to their hearts — food. These stars are expanding their labels by satisfying the taste buds of their fans and even others. Some of these restaurants are crowd pleasers. Others, not so much. Take a […]

10 movies you should watch on Netflix before you get married

Before those wedding bells start to ring, take a some time to watch some of your favorite Netflix movies. Maybe even splurge and invite your loved one over to cuddle up and eat popcorn while watching your movie flick. Here are 10 you should watch before you and your special someone tie the knot.

20 celebrities who have performed at the White House

Performing at the White House is no ordinary music gig. Only a handful of celebrities can say they have had this honor. Check out these 20 stars from that handful who know what it’s like to perform their hearts out in this neoclassical residence.

Celebrities who have DUI mug shots

Maybe celebrities aren’t that different from the rest of us, after all, they still have to answer to the law. These celebrities didn’t get the option of using their Hollywood headshots in place of their DUI mug shots.

White celebrities who adopt black babies

Adopting black babies appears to be a trend with white celebrities these days. Transracial adoptions must be the new fashion in Hollywood because stars, including Kristin Davis, are joining the new fad. Can you guess who?

Colleges that hip-hop artists attended

He may have been a college dropout, but Kanye West still spent some time in college majoring in English at Chicago State University, writing essays and research papers before he started dropping those lyrical beats we all know so well. West isn’t the only hip-hop star with a college background. These musical curators and business […]

Rick Ross, Nas and other hip-hop artists named after Mafia figures

Ever wonder where some of these hip-hop stars get their names? Without marketing these Mafia figures, it’s possible these stars wouldn’t have the fan base they have now. On his latest release, Jay-Z name checks a notorious Washington, D.C. hitman, Wayne Perry, on his “Tom Ford” single (Magna Carta Holy Grail); but other artists actually adopt […]

Flossie; 20 other foolish tropical storm names that wreaked havoc

With heavy rains and strong winds, Flossie’s strength was underestimated in Hawaii, after leaving the island weak and with vast destruction. The National Weather Service projects the tropical storm to depart from the area on Tuesday weaker than it arrived. Hawaii, particularly parts of Maui and Molokai, faces widespread power outages with no estimated time […]

Celebrities with famous parents

Maybe the apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree or maybe it’s just nepotism. Whatever the reason, celebrity families seem to be taking over Hollywood. Pictured above: actress Tracee Ellis Ross with her mother, the inimitable Motown great, Diana Ross Check out some of these celebrities and their famous parents.

20 parents of celebrities

Even though they’re all grown up, these celebrities still lean on their parents for some tender love and care. Check out 20 celebrities who definitely appreciate their parents’ love and affection.

Celebrity teens on Disney and Hollywood screens

It seems like almost all celebrity teens have roots that trace back to Disney, the place where dreams comes true. Take a quick a look at some of these child prodigies and their successes on the big screen.

Celebrity teens who are now superstars

You wouldn’t believe how long some celebrities have been working in the industry. Beginning on the sets of children’s shows and working their way up to high-profile Hollywood productions, these stars have been in the game for quite some time. Check out a few celebrity teens who have worked their way up the ladder of […]

Heidi and celebrities who post sexy and racy photos

There’s only one solid explanation the “America’s Got Talent” judge Heidi Klum gives for her topless photos in Bora Bora. “I’m European,” she said in an interview with “Extra.” “I don’t like wearing tops. And I don’t like tan lines.” The 40-year-old’s risqué vacation photos have been heating up social media users — on both […]

Why flings and affairs help spread herpes

Flings and affairs may seem exciting, adding an adrenaline rush in the moment, but when life starts to settle back down, the consequences of these actions become clearer, with herpes being a forerunner of these consequences. Although you can easily catch herpes from a long-term partner or in a monogamous relationship as you can from a […]