Stephanie L. Young discusses voting and the Culture of Democracy Summit

Now more than ever, exercising your right to vote is critical. Over the years, multiple voter suppression tactics have been used to attack, intimidate, and take away people’s right to vote. It is clear that there is a need for a neutral, unbiased platform that advocates for voters’ rights and the integrity of our democracy […]

West Philadelphia native Derrick Hayes talks about entrepreneurship

Father, entrepreneur, and philanthropist Derrick Hayes understands firsthand what it’s like to beat the odds. With two cheesesteak shops and a third one in the works, the West Philly native has made his mark in the food space through Big Dave’s Cheesesteaks and is currently helping to change the lives of others. Rolling out spoke […]

CEO Trina Terrell-Andrews helping thousands in the community

Trina Terrell-Andrews is no stranger to working in high-profile environments with overlapping demands. The Chicago native has a background in journalism and the record industry and was previously the executive director of the Bradie James Breast Cancer Foundation. Terrell-Andrews was chosen to be the Mark Cuban Heroes Basketball Center CEO and has been at the […]

Rasheeda S. Liberty’s passion is helping athletes both on and off the field

The 2022 NFL Draft is just around the corner, and as April 28 draws closer, we will begin to hear more and more about the prospects, their comps, and what they could potentially bring to the game. Beyond their talent, great coaches and discipline, many great athletes have a top-tier sports agent who is right […]

Sigma Gamma Rho Grand Basileus Rasheeda S. Liberty talks about what’s ahead

Two thousand twenty-two marks the Centennial of Sigma Gamma Rho sorority incorporated. Rolling out had the privilege of speaking with the 25th Grand Basileus, Rasheeda S. Liberty, about her multi-career leadership, the 100 years of impact for women, service, scholarship, and plans for the next 100 years. What do you guys have planned for your […]

Dr. Katherine Brown’s love for community is helping to save lives

One thing the past two years have shown us is that life is not only short but precious. So, when given the opportunity to save a life, one should lend a helping hand but may not have the know-how. Dr. Katherine Brown has been helping raise awareness and educate communities across the country on how […]

Nielah Burnett brings healthy offering to people in her community

Health and wellness are among the highest priorities in most people’s lives, leading to a myriad of opportunities for business owners looking to offer healthy options and create better communities. Specifically, we saw many opportunities for wellness initiatives within Black communities as the pandemic surged on across the country. Nielah Burnett of InnerG Juice & […]

Deidra Malone amplifies artists’ impact through her integrated marketing agency

In the relentless entertainment world, where many egos and high stakes are involved, finding a good publicist that is not transactional and values both the artist and their talent is rare. Thankfully, Deidra J. Malone, better known as Malo, CEO of The Prolific Effect, is charting a path with her agency that manages artists’ talent […]

Ebony Payne-English uses creativity to raise awareness and uplift Black women

Art imitates life and can be powerful when the artists take their lived experience and couple it with their creativity to raise awareness and uplift others. Multitalented poet, HIV activist and survivor Ebony Payne-English recently sat down with rolling out to share her journey, how she’s using her platform to advocate and continue the fight […]

Entrepreneur Dionna Collins is helping artists grow through ComfiArt

Art encompasses every facet of our lives and artists are needed to drive the culture forward. Despite its importance, many artists struggle with creating viable businesses using their creativity. Dionna Collins understood this and created ComfiArt, a business incubator and mentorship program, that helps artists no matter where they are in their creative journey. The […]

Accountant LaTanya Cooper is mentoring young women through her nonprofit

LaTanya Cooper is an entrepreneur who balances her time between her bookkeeping business and non-profit organization. Cooper spoke with rolling out about her passion for accounting, giving back through mentorship, and her ability to pivot in the face of a challenge. What is your profession, what are your responsibilities and why did you select your […]

Freddie Haynes encourages supporting Black-owned businesses year-round

Black History Month is about more than celebrating significant people and events. It is about continuing to advocate for Black people on social issues like economic equality. Rolling out spoke with Pastor Freddie Haynes of Friendship-West Baptist Church about how he is using his platform to educate and move the conversation forward. Year-round, he focuses […]

Byna Elliott of JPMorgan Chase leads initiative to advance Black communities

Byna Elliott has been the head of Advancing Black Pathways for JPMorgan Chase for a little more than a year. Elliott has over 20 years of experience in community reinvestment and recently spoke with rolling out about the bank’s goals and the importance of reinvestment in Black communities. What made you take this opportunity? Before […]

Herbert Austin details how the SBA is helping small-business owners

Herbert Austin, the SBA Dallas-Fort Worth district director, is responsible for overseeing, managing, and delivering SBA programs and resources. Austin shares with rolling out how the government agency has helped small businesses keep their doors open during the pandemic through the loan programs offered through the SBA. Have many small-business owners from marginalized communities taken […]

Amber Crowder wants to help women ensnared in the criminal justice system

Amber Crowder spoke with rolling out about her experience with the criminal justice system that led to her creating The Been Down Project, which provides a supportive space and guidance to Black women who may have to navigate a system historically biased against Black people. Crowder shared how being sentenced to jail despite not having […]

Shea Coleman discusses entrepreneurship and juggling 2 ventures during COVID

Shelethia “Shea” Coleman is the owner of SheaBeeCakes LLC. and RMT & Wellness. Coleman, who hails from Dallas, is a mother of three and a mentor. She has three years of self-taught as well as trained baking experience while working as a licensed massage therapist for over 10 years. The highly motivated and ambitious entrepreneur […]

Vanessa Wright tells the stories of Black leaders who are often overlooked

Vanessa Wright is on a mission to motivate and inspire by telling the stories of many leaders, trailblazers, and visionaries that have gone overlooked or forgotten within the Black diaspora. Tellers Untold is an online platform that aims to bridge this gap. Wright recently spoke with rolling out to discuss the online platform and talk […]

Ahmad Goree discusses how billion-dollar SBA program is bringing hope to small businesses

Ahmad Goree joined the U.S. Small Business Administration’s Dallas/Fort Worth District Office in 2010. He’s currently the lead economic development specialist and public information officer, overseeing economic development activities across 72 Texas counties. Since 2015, his outreach has helped generate more than $6.6B to small businesses and created over 50,000 jobs in the DFW area. […]

Shanesha Scott discusses her health journey and entrepreneurship

Shanesha Scott is a former makeup artist-turned-life coach who was diagnosed with a rare autoimmune disease called polymyositis, simultaneously as she opened her life coaching business, Beauty 4RM Ashes. During the last year, Scott put her life coaching business on hold to focus on her health. Polymyositis causes severe muscle weakness, which can be debilitating. […]

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