Shontel Greene’s winner mentality delivers on multimillion-dollar businesses

Shontel Greene, the product of a pair of drug-addicted parents, made the decision to become a drug dealer at the impressionable age of 14. Though her environment repeatedly affirmed that her life expectancy may not reach much beyond her teenage years, she consciously decided that she would defy the odds and secure a future beyond […]

Reign operates the No. 1 organic sanitary napkin company in the country

Reign is the No. 1 family-owned and operated organic sanitary napkin company in the country. Reign’s mission is to raise awareness by informing both teens and women globally who suffer in silence with pain, heavy bleeding, unhealthy menstrual cycles and the potential toxicity of tampon use. Please let our audience know a little bit about […]

HERide rideshare app focuses on the safety and empowerment of women

Jillian Anderson and DeVynne Starks created a ride-sharing service in Atlanta that focuses on the safety of women. Developed with the needs of women in mind, the ride-share app aims to improve the lives of women everywhere through safer transportation, job creation, and financial security. All of the drivers are fully vetted and undergo comprehensive […]

Shavonna Perkins helps Christian women achieve financial freedom

Shavonna Perkins, is the founder of The Bougie Wealth Group™ which helps others succeed financially. With over 15 years of experience in the financial industry, Perkins is passionate about helping women and Christians obtain financial freedom by changing their mindset and creating a plan to create their desired lifestyle. She is a certified Financial Education […]

GBC Media will honor Black excellence at Met Gala and Icon Awards Dinner

Gwennetta Wright and her partner and best friend, Deonta Blount, created a positive entertainment and entrepreneur platform and talk show, “Gwen’s Business Corner with Deonta B.” GBC is a multimedia platform with a focus on educating, entertaining and inspiring viewers with transparent educational interviews. GBC is designed to provide an informative platform consisting of entrepreneurs, […]

Kitchen magician Danielle Henry restores health and balance through raw foods

Danielle Henry is a celebrity chef, alchemist, artist, and multidimensional healer who uses food to heal. Henry wants to awaken the collective and remind people of their innate power as well as inspire consumers to make better choices daily — in and out the kitchen — to support healing, and not our destruction. Tell us […]

Melissa Paul creates natural skin care line to bring out the royalty in everyone

Melissa Paul is the Creator of Aloe Magic and Owner of Queen Paul LLC. As a former esthetician with a leaning toward natural beauty and skincare, she’s always used simple ingredients to keep her own skin radiant and glowing.  She emphasizes the key to success is embracing one’s personal passions in entrepreneurial endeavors Please share […]

Markey W. Pierre empowers the next generation of female leaders

Dr. Markey Pierré’s lifetime commitment to professional excellence, community service, and good public policy has led to substantive progress for the State of Louisiana in many areas, including K-12 and higher education, construction, health care, maritime law, and municipal government. During her 20-plus-year career as a successful business owner and executive, author, motivational speaker, lobbyist, […]

The Queens Tea Party debuts in Atlanta’s Atlantic Station

The Queens Tea Party founder Star Johnson grew up in a family of entrepreneurs, where she learned how to grow “a thought into a thing”. Fast forward years later, as a licensed esthetician, she used her cache of insider business knowledge to launch a results-driven skin care brand, Good Skin. As a serial entrepreneur, her […]

Carter Capital brings entrepreneurs to Tulum for wealth development summit

In celebrating women worldwide, rolling out interviewed Shondricka Carter of Carter Capital, PLLC about the company’s Wealth Development Summit, which brings out millionaires and entrepreneurs to learn about obtaining and maintaining wealth. Please let our audience know what it is that you do and what prompted you to enter this line of business? I help […]

Entertainment attorney Bernie Lawrence empowers her clients and future lawyers

Bernie Lawrence is a transactional lawyer who practices in the areas of Entertainment, Copyright, Trademark and Business Law. And she is an amazing, powerful, and talented Black woman. Read on as she shares how she navigates the entertainment business as a woman of color. What made you choose this profession? I’ve always had a love […]

Rachel Mangrum’s 100-pound weight loss journey birthed her wellness business

Rachel Mangrum is a certified colon hydrotherapist who provides a variety of cleansing, wellness, healing and detoxification services. She was inspired to enter this line of work based on her personal wellness journey. She shared her journey with rolling out in order to empower other women to lead healthier and happier lives. Please let our […]

Zhe Scott helps Black women entrepreneurs get noticed without expensive ads

In honor of Women’s History Month, rolling out is honoring the achievements of Black women. We had the pleasure of interviewing Zhe Scott. She helps black-owned and woman-owned businesses get more customers and clients without paying for expensive ad campaigns. She was inspired to pursue this work because SEO is a game-changer. Getting on Google […]

Samantha Banks teaches how #LandCrypto sets Black people up for success

Samantha Banks is a wife, a mother of five, and the CEO of Financial ID Capital LLC, a boutique accounting firm. She is also the founder of Wife Mommy CEO LLC. Banks has a very unique and valuable perspective of the role of women in her industry and she shared some of that with rolling […]

Sacred Space Village is a place to heal and return to the power of love

Julia Sewell, affectionately known as Cosmic, quit her career in corporate America, escaped to the  Dominican Republic, freed herself and her mind and created a community and opportunity for others to do the same. We were honored to share space with her and learn of her beautiful journey and how she is making the world […]

The legal ramifications of the slap heard around the world

Actor Will Smith assaulted comedian, Chris Rock on stage of the worldwide live broadcasting of the Oscars, supposedly for a joke made about his wife, Jada Pinkett Smith. Unsurprisingly, the Black community is divided about whether Smith’s actions were commendable, justifiable, or simply despicable. Both actors have a history of being fairly docile beings, so […]

Meet Amber Wood, owner of Scales and Alchemy

Amber Wood is a sacred woman, holistic practitioner, Reiki master, meditation and breath work practitioner, herbalist, and the founder of Scales & Alchemy, which cultivates safe spaces of healing for women. Founded on the belief that every woman deserves to be seen, heard, healed, and whole, her services help guide women through holistic practices that […]

Dr. Eve Hudson empowers first-generation scholars to graduate

In honor of Women’s History Month, rolling out interviewed Dr. Eve Hudson, founder and chief strategist of Evingerlean Worldwide®  — an entity created to empower first-generation scholars and graduates across the globe. Tell us a little bit about how you fulfill your mission. We do this through our empowering signature programs, award-winning podcast, first-of-its-kind store […]

PR expert Nantale Muwonge shares how a car accident shaped her career

Nantale Muwonge helps Black “womxn” in e-commerce curate content that gets publicity and media coverage, so they can reach more people and have a bigger impact. Please tell us what prompted your career choice. I was kind of pushed into this line of work. I was in a car accident that affected my ability to […]

Media strategist Lillie Mae helps visionaries become entrepreneurial superstars

Please let our audience know what you do and what prompted you to enter this line of business? I am a media and marketing strategist, TV personality and creator of the Glambitious brand. My platform helps entrepreneurs elevate their visibility and revenue at through a plethora of offers including coaching, courses, speaker opportunities and […]