Martell Cognac lifestyle manager Tay Mitch brings Houston influencers together

Name: Tay Mitch Instagram: @taymitch Facebook: Tay Mitch Twitter: @taymitch City: Houston Career: Lifestyle manager for Martell Cognac Tay Mitch was born in the small town of Pittsburg, Texas. His life suddenly changed when his mother received a job offer that relocated their family from Pittsburg to Houston. After a period of working with rapper […]

Shaffer Jones explains how he became a great father without having a dad

Music artist, Shaffer Jones was raised on the sreets of Chicago’s Southside without a father. At the age of 17, after the birth of his first daughter, Jones made the decision to become the best father he could despite his lack of a relationship with his own. Since the birth of his daughter, Jones has […]

Bone Crusher takes a hiatus from music to focus on fatherhood

Grammy-nominated music artist and activist Wayne Hardnett Jr., aka “Bone Crusher” is the father of five children. Hardnett decided being a father to his kids was more important than being away from them for long spans of time. Shortly after the birth of his two youngest children and the release of his hit single “Neva […]

Jazmine Lofton aka DJ 4.0 is Dallas’ mobile DJ on the go

Real Name: Jazmine Lofton Instagram: @dj4.o Twitter: @DJFourPointOhh Facebook: DJ FourPointOhh x DJ 4.0 Venue(s): The Nines Bar and 4.0 on the Go Mobile DJ Truck City/State: Dallas Jazmine “DJ 4.0” Lofton is a Dallas resident on the go. She is known on the music scene for her green hair, cat ear headphones and high energy […]

Meet InkSlutt Dro, the godfather of Houston’s ink industry

Steven “InkSlutt Dro” Semien has been tattooing his customers for over two decades and shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. InkSlutt Dro is the proud owner of InkSluttz Studio, which provides both piercing and tattoo services to his loyal, Houston customer base. Rolling out caught up with Dro in the middle of a tattoo to ask […]

DJ MeechyMeech starts a new chapter in Miami

DJ MeechyMeech Name: Mitchell Conley Hometown: Louisville, Kentucky Current city: Miami Genre: Hip-Hop Venue(s): Gig based Social:  Instagram – @DJMeechyMeech Kentucky native Mitchell “DJ MeechyMeech” Conley is well-known on social media for his viral voice-over sports-related videos.  He made a viral parody video back in 2017 doing the voice-over as the referee of the Manny Pacquiao and […]

Tattoo artist Kevin Laroy inks Los Angeles

Real Name: Kevin Laroy Twitter: @kevinthelaroy Instagram: @kevin.laroy Facebook: Kevin Laroy Tattoo Tattoo Venue: Kat Tat’s Enigma Tattoo in Beverly Hills City/State: Los Angeles Celebrity tattoo artist Kevin Laroy is making his mark at Kat Tat’s Enigma Tattoo in Los Angeles, which is owned by Katrina Jackson. He has come a long way from tattooing […]

Why Hardbody Kiotti is known as the ‘Radio Boss’ in Houston

Jerrel “Hardbody Kiotti” Brown is a radio personality and DJ at 97.9 The Box in Houston. He took a moment to sit down with rolling out. When did you start deejaying? Sticky “JR” Promo gave me my first job. He had a club called Plush, and he let me come in. He gave me a shot […]

Grief and loss, part 3: The cause and effect of violence in the Black community

Social media has become a platform where people can repeatedly view violent acts. The repetition of seeing violence can create stress. Rolling out spoke to Patrice N. Douglas, a licensed therapist, certified anger management specialist and certified parent-child interaction therapist, to describe the symptoms that indicate a person has moved beyond the grieving process and into a deep […]

Dealing with the grief and loss of rapper Nipsey Hussle, part 2

Loss is something we all will experience at some point in our lives. The death of a celebrity or public figure you’ve admired can send you, a family member, friend or child into a grieving process. Rolling out spoke with Patrice N. Douglas, a licensed therapist, certified anger management specialist, certified parent-child interaction therapist and owner of Empire […]

5 stages of grief: Dealing with the loss of Nipsey Hussle, part 1

Rolling out spoke with licensed therapist Patrice N. Douglas of Empire Counseling & Consultation about how fans can deal with their grief after the sudden loss of rapper Nipsey Hussle. How should the Black community address grief after a high-profile murder such as that of Nipsey Hussle? A lot of us didn’t know him on a […]

Houston’s DJ Shante turns the tables at 93.7 The Beat

Since 2016, DJ Shante, who was born Shante Williams, has been an on-air mixer for Houston’s 93.7 The Beat. Not only is she bringing the heat on the radio, but she is also bringing the crowds to the dance floor as the house DJ at Commoner, Revolver and Bar 5015. This talented DJ is also […]

Amanda K. Edwards advocates for innovation in Houston’s technology field

Amanda K. Edwards is currently serving as the Houston City Council Member in At-Large Position 4. She is a graduate of Eisenhower High School in Aldine ISD in Houston and Emory University in Atlanta, where she earned a degree in political science and numerous academic accolades, including induction into the university’s Hall of Fame. In […]

H-Town’s Lil’ Flip shows off his custom-painted sneaker collection

You can’t mention H-Town hip-hop legendary names and leave out the Cloverland-born rap artist who helped move the Houston sound all over the world. Not only has rapper Lil’ Flip’s name been a staple in the Houston music industry for years, but he also is no stranger to the marriage between sneaker culture and hip-hop. […]

Houston freestyle legend E.S.G. shares his longtime love of sneakers

Cedric Dormaine Hill — better known by his stage name Everyday Street Gangsta, or E.S.G. for short — was labeled one of the original freestyle kings because of his ability to improvise about anything and everything. His fluid lyrics have earned him the respect of some of the greatest lyricists in the rap industry. He […]