A photographer by trade, Bob Metelus knows to always pay attention to the details. The details are also key when it comes to Dutch Masters’ craftsmanship. So when he became a part-owner of LYFE Brand along with Michael Guerrero, Alexander and Dax Tamargo, Metelus made sure that every product that was released featured the details needed for success.

“We’re big on quality,” Metelus says. “When it comes to our shirts and business, quality is important. We are in front of trends and people are looking at us to see what we’re going to do next. We plan, strategize and research. We understand the process and believe in the process.”

The process of crafting success can be tedious at times, but Metelus and his team have figured out how to withstand obstacles in order to present the best products.

“When you’re building a business, you have to know the basics,” he says. “In the business of creating art and selling, you have to work harder than the next person. You may have the connections and talent, but if you don’t work on it every single day, you’re wasting time.”

Timing is a key factor when working to reach a goal. Metelus and the LYFE Brand know that it’s important to be three steps ahead of trends to have the best chance at impacting culture.

“You have to have short- and long-term goals,” he says. “Once you focus on a goal and direction, you will enjoy the work. If you’re doing work without a plan, you’re not using time wisely. If you want to put together a million-dollar plan, make sure you have the strategy to achieve that goal. You don’t want a fresh idea that’s two months late. It’s important to be timely.”