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Black Intellectuals

Black and brilliant: Dorothy Jean Tillman secures a master’s degree at 14

By Munson Steed / May 13, 2020

Kevin Powell, Isaac Hayes III discuss race in America, politics in the Trump era

By A.R. Shaw / November 18, 2018

3 doctors join forces to change the stereotype of today’s Black man

By Christal Jordan / October 26, 2018
Dr. Joe Johnson

Dr. Joe Johnson is an expert on pursuing one’s purpose

By Martel Sharpe / September 4, 2018

CIO Ed Ryland shares the key quality to look for in other people

By Nakita Nicci / June 3, 2018

Jeffrey L. Boney shares how he prepares for an important event

By Nakita Nicci / June 3, 2018

‘Hidden Figure’ Gladys West played a vital role in the development of GPS

By Cassidy Sparks / February 24, 2018

Frederick Douglass turns 200, his powerful quotes still inspire Black America

By A.R. Shaw / February 14, 2018

Black inventor Alfred L. Cralle gave the world this

By Cassidy Sparks / February 13, 2018

4 times Alice Walker checked ‘the White man’ and you missed it

By Cassidy Sparks / February 12, 2018

Thurgood Marshall, the 1st Black Supreme Court Justice

By Cassidy Sparks / February 9, 2018

28 days of Black history: The legacy of W.E.B. Du Bois

By Cassidy Sparks / February 7, 2018

25 Black Atlanta students chosen for Harvard’s prestigious summer program

By Yvette Caslin / January 15, 2018

Public speaker and author Juan C. Moore shares tips on remaining inspired

By Lorenzo Gordon / November 11, 2017
Terrence Dillion at the Peter G. Peterson Fiscal Summit (Photo by

Terrence Dillon makes an impact at Jackson State University with Up to Us

By Derrel Johnson / October 10, 2017

Scientist Keven Stonewall is on a mission to find a cure for colon cancer

By Tyra Laster / September 19, 2017

Conservative talk radio host says the Black community is at a crossroad: part 1

By Mo Barnes / July 26, 2017

Shaquille Brewster is the multitalented journalist every news outlet loves

By Yolanda Young / September 5, 2016

How important is voting to you?

By H. Atkerson / August 2, 2016

Michael Eric Dyson talks President Obama’s legacy and Black progress

By A.R. Shaw / April 7, 2016

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