Princeton University: 8 Black Intellectuals You Should Know

Princeton’s Center of African American Studies is one of the preeminent institutions dedicated to the research and teaching of the African American experience. Developed in 2006, the center enriches students by providing a better understanding of the history of race and African American culture. Rolling out magazine recently visited Princeton’s Center of African American Studies […]

McDonald’s Hires 1st Black CEO

McDonald’s announced Thursday that chief operating officer Don Thomspon will take over as CEO of the company after Jim Skinner retires later this year. The move is iconic considering that Thompson will become the first black CEO in the company’s history. The 48-year-old who became the company’s president and operating chief in January 2010, will […]

2012 Economic Forecast for Blacks: Stormy

The recent economic indicators released in December of 2011  for the month of November suggest that the economic outlook for Americans is getting brighter. However, that may not be the case for most people and blacks in particular. The same indicators and news showed that the black unemployment rate rose to 15.5 percent from 15.3 […]

Harvard University; ‘RO’ Introduces 10 Scholars to Know

During rolling out‘s recent visit to Cambridge, Mass., we spoke with several black professors and MBA students who shared their experiences on life at an Ivy League institution. –amir shaw Jenn Brown A native of Long Island, Jenn Brown is a second year HBS student. Brown says that HBS has positioned her to have a better grasp of better understanding the […]

General Mills Executive Kenneth Charles Discusses Hiring the Best and Brightest

Kenneth Charles understands how the implementation of diversity initiatives can change lives. As the vice president of Diversity and Inclusion at General Mills, Charles makes sure that the company continues to hire the best and brightest minds in the nation. He recently shared his thoughts on working towards an MBA and how diversity programs can […]

Kevin Walker, Marketing Exec, at the Forefront of Technological Advances

There is no such thing as a free lunch. That statement rings in Kevin Walker’s ears. It was his most memorable encounter with his graduate school finance professor, Andrew Chen, at Southern Methodist University (SMU) Cox School of Business. An enlightening time for the budding marketer, seeds were sown and Walker, the managing partner at CultureLab, […]

GMAT vs. GRE: Which Test Is Best Suited for You?

Before applying to business school, it’s important to determine which entry exam, GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test) or the GRE (Graduate Record Examination), will be most suitable for you. The GMAT is the traditional test for students entering business school and the GRE serves as the entry exam for graduate school. Although the GRE is mainly for students who choose […]

Advanced Degrees: The Breakdown

“Seeing that ignorance is the curse of God, education is the wing wherewith we fly to heaven.” William Shakespeare “Education is the great engine of personal development.” Nelson Mandela Just what is an advanced degree? And what are the many different ways in which a person with an undergraduate degree (bachelor’s) can obtain one? Rolling […]

Jerome Clark, L’Oreal USA Marketing Director, Touts Value of MBA

It was words of encouragement from Dr. Andrew Hill, a professor at Clark Atlanta University that impelled Jerome Clark to pursue his MBA. The Tulsa, Okla., native remembered his mentor’s advice after working in corporate America for three years; he entered Indiana University’s Kelley School of Business on a Consortium fellowship. The marketing director for […]

Bilingual in the Global Economy: Why an MBA Isn’t Enough

American businesses are increasing their clout as players in the global economy. Hiring qualified employees with bilingual skills remains a lower priority than more tangible ones, such as experience in currency exchange. The reasons for this are many, but most prevalent is that more countries prefer to do business in the English language. In retrospect, […]

Presidents, Deans Attest to Benefits of Getting MBAs and Other Advanced Degrees

When the presidents and deans of Historically Black Colleges and Universities begin to tell you about the benefits of obtaining a master’s and other advanced degrees, their individual stories confound you. Their lives have been splashed with rich and vibrant colors that enable them to enter into dimensions that are not open to the vast […]

NBMBAA’s Charmaine Ward a Shining Example of Success of Networking

An invitation from a friend to attend a leadership and networking conference of  black professionals in Nashville was intriguing for Charmaine Ward. Very comfortable in her then-career, she was a tiny bit curious about the possibilities, thinking, “All I have to do is show up with a résumé and talk to recruiters.” This marked Ward’s […]

Advanced Degree to Success: Road Map to the Top of the Corporation

When Floyd Hall enrolled in one of the nation’s most successful MBA programs at Columbia University, he was looking to change careers and strike out on his own. The Morehouse College and Georgia Institute of Technology graduate knew that going back to school for his master’s in business administration would be a great way to […]