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DJ Master Series

For DJ Walt Chamberlin, the real dollars are made before you press play

By Rolling Out / July 26, 2019

From Nashville to Atlanta, DJ Jazzy T proves she’s a master on the turntables

By Rachael Leaphart / June 5, 2019

PZBLIVE is making major moves and creating her own lane

By Nagashia Jackson / June 3, 2019

Lisa Vazquez gives a live experience worth watching

By Nagashia Jackson / May 31, 2019

DJ Spinderella on life after Salt-N-Pepa

By Nagashia Jackson / May 30, 2019

Jazmine Lofton aka DJ 4.0 is Dallas’ mobile DJ on the go

By Rocky Rockett / May 19, 2019

DJ MeechyMeech starts a new chapter in Miami

By Rocky Rockett / May 12, 2019

DJ Milhouse discusses evolving musically and creating her brand

By Kadeem Dunwell / May 8, 2019

DJ New Era brings the party to life mixing old school and new school

By Rachael Leaphart / May 5, 2019

DJ Scream serves up quality street music inspired by timeless influences

By Rachael Leaphart / May 2, 2019

The Million Dollar DJ is a genre-mixing master on the turntables

By Rachael Leaphart / April 25, 2019

DJ Mr. Wired Up creates the soundtrack for some of Houston’s finest dancers

By Rocky Rockett / April 20, 2019

DJ Yasmina has rocked the stage across the US and internationally

By Rachael Leaphart / April 14, 2019

Why Hardbody Kiotti is known as the ‘Radio Boss’ in Houston

By Rocky Rockett / April 11, 2019

From clubs to concerts to Coachella, DJ P ForReal brings the sonic fire

By Rachael Leaphart / April 10, 2019

9-year-old DJ Flying Ace is creating a buzz on the Dallas music scene

By Rachael Leaphart / April 7, 2019

Houston’s DJ Shante turns the tables at 93.7 The Beat

By Rocky Rockett / April 1, 2019

DJ She Real shapes the music scene in Dallas

By Rachael Leaphart / March 21, 2019

DJ Sense stays ahead of the curve with his trendsetting beats

By Rachael Leaphart / March 20, 2019

From the turntables to the speakers, DJ Ant Durty moves the crowd

By Rachael Leaphart / March 7, 2019