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Rihanna stalker arrested after climbing onto the roof of her house

By Stereo Williams / June 20, 2013

Black California woman stabbed to death by panhandlers in Hollywood

By Yvette Caslin / June 20, 2013

New York teacher rapes his 10-year-old student after deceiving her parents

By A.R. Shaw / June 20, 2013

Hate crime suspect Elliot Morales reveals why he killed Mark Carson

By Nicholas Robinson / June 19, 2013

Serena Williams blames Ohio victim for being raped

By Nicholas Robinson / June 19, 2013

Hide your kids; 41 arrested in child sex sting in Florida

By Yvette Caslin / June 19, 2013

Burrell Ellis DeKalb County, GA CEO indicted

By Jana Hicks / June 18, 2013

Chief Keef arrested for the 3rd time in a month — just minutes after leaving court

By Stereo Williams / June 18, 2013

Florida woman sets man up to be beaten, robbed and left naked after 1st date

By A.R. Shaw / June 18, 2013

Black mother arrested for using a stun gun on her daughter

By Yvette Caslin / June 18, 2013

Black woman sentenced to death at age 16 is set free

By Yvette Caslin / June 17, 2013

Ludacris attacked in Atlanta nightclub

By Nicholas Robinson / June 17, 2013

Brooklyn, N.Y., cab driver, Orji Ama Uro, stabbed in eye with umbrella, dies

By Yvette Caslin / June 14, 2013

Harlem, N.Y., man chokes his grandmother and transgender sex partner to death

By Yvette Caslin / June 14, 2013

Young black man, Shay Stevenson, faces 20 years in prison for fake money orders

By Yvette Caslin / June 14, 2013

Video released of 2 Chainz getting robbed?

By Nicholas Robinson / June 13, 2013

Michigan man rapes 3-year-old daughter as her mother holds her hand

By A.R. Shaw / June 12, 2013

Chicago woman arrested 396 times sentenced to mental health treatment program

By Rolling Out / June 11, 2013

Member of 2 Chainz’s entourage robbed, not the rapper

By Danielle Canada / June 11, 2013

High school teacher faces 15 years in prison for having sex with 2 students

By A.R. Shaw / June 8, 2013