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Angela Stanton-King making bold moves in criminal justice reform

By Christal Jordan / June 23, 2019

Chief Magistrate Judge Cassandra Kirk explains what drew her to law

By Cassidy Sparks / June 21, 2019

Meet Donna McLeod: A mom, chemical engineer and state representative

By Jasmine Ferguson / June 21, 2019

Chief Judge Christopher T. Portis shares his philosophy on the justice system

By Cassidy Sparks / June 20, 2019

Ta-Nehisi Coates destroys Mitch McConnell over slave reparations debate

By A.R. Shaw / June 19, 2019

Republican Mitch McConnell believes Barack Obama’s election made up for slavery

By A.R. Shaw / June 19, 2019

Black mayor resigns after racial bullying from White counterparts

By A.R. Shaw / June 12, 2019

Trayvon Martin’s mom to run for local office

By Denieca Brown / May 24, 2019

Disqualification of 1st Black Cherokee chief candidate reignites racism debate

By Denieca Brown / May 22, 2019

Chicago’s 1st openly gay Black mayor ushers in new era

By Eddy "Precise" Lamarre / May 21, 2019

A-list celebrities go to war against Alabama

By Terry Shropshire / May 16, 2019

Michelle Obama shares her truth with Gayle King during ‘Becoming Live’ tour

By A.R. Shaw / May 12, 2019

Will Anika Bowie become the new face for St. Paul’s Ward 1?

By Nagashia Jackson / May 10, 2019

Why Georgia outlawing abortion could lead to more crime in the state

By A.R. Shaw / May 8, 2019

Los Angeles renames street to honor Barack Obama (video)

By Terry Shropshire / May 6, 2019

Toni Preckwinkle may become Chicago’s 1st Black woman mayor

By Celeste McCaw / March 15, 2019

Black mothers, introduce your daughters to these 18 Black female mayors

By Cassidy Sparks / March 7, 2019

Spike Lee fires back at the president for criticizing his Oscar speech

By Terry Shropshire / February 26, 2019

Shalise Steele-Young running for late husband’s seat on Atlanta City Council

By Rolling Out / February 24, 2019

Kamala Harris blasted for lying on smoking weed and listening to Snoop, Tupac

By Terry Shropshire / February 13, 2019