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Here’s how you can escape the ‘friend zone’ in 6 easy steps

By DeWayne Rogers / September 25, 2018

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‘Couples Court’ TV judges say having a prenup is like health insurance

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DJ Khaled blasted because he won’t do this to his wife

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There’s nothing ‘Fabolous’ about domestic violence

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8 lit Valentine’s Day proposal tips by Courtney Ajinca to make the day sizzle

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Love coach gives 5 tips for finding the love you deserve in 2018

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Couple arguing

How to stop loving someone who doesn’t love you

By Nakita Nicci / January 3, 2018

Plus-size matchmaker wants curvy girls to find their BLISS

By Christal Jordan / December 21, 2017

Detroit couple celebrates 7 years of open marriage and 7th daughter

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Relationship goals: YouTube duo GoldJuice on the reason for their success

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Beyoncé is not alone: Women who stayed with cheaters

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Beard Game Matters group introduces polyamorous man with 6 girlfriends

By Christal Jordan / October 4, 2017