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Relationship Videos

Fathers Incorporated on a mission to help Black dads

By @ROMEOINTERNATIONAL1 / March 26, 2021

Floyd and Dee Balentine discuss love, marriage and entrepreneurship

By Kenyatta Victoria / February 24, 2021

LaTruth and Mrs. LaTruth are building a legacy of Black love

By Kenyatta Victoria / February 19, 2021

Johnny ‘The Love Doctor’ Reynolds stops by to provide Valentine’s Day advice

By Kenyatta Victoria / February 13, 2021

Reality Check: Diamond Jack explains turning down proposal on ‘Love Is Blind’

By Christal Jordan / March 16, 2020

R&B singer Sammie shares a Valentine’s Day reality check on sending nudes

By Christal Jordan / February 13, 2020

Devyne Blessings is ready for love but she has a few requirements

By @ROMEOINTERNATIONAL1 / January 27, 2020

How Kobe Bryant’s relationship with his daughters inspired fathers

By A.R. Shaw / January 26, 2020

Tamra Simmons discusses resolving past heartache, embracing your gifts and more

By Jae Davis / January 24, 2020

Executive producer Tamra Simmons learns to ‘Cook It Out’ to find love

By Jae Davis / January 20, 2020

Did I offend you? Lipstick and Cognac discuss arguing with your mate

By Chase Stokes / December 17, 2019

Watch: Have you ever faked an orgasm? Lipstick and Cognac want to know

By Chase Stokes / December 14, 2019

Lipstick and Cognac discuss love with rapper Londynn B

By Jasmine Ferguson / December 3, 2019

Ask Monica: Putting the holiday blues on snooze

By Jasmine Ferguson / November 27, 2019

Ask Monica: Boo’d up vs. being booted

By Jasmine Ferguson / November 13, 2019

Ask Monica: Miscarriage and the unspoken effect on men

By Jasmine Ferguson / November 6, 2019

Reality Check with Judge Lauren Lake on co-parenting and fatherhood

By Christal Jordan / October 28, 2019

Reality Check: Bambi from ‘LHHATL’ and her stylist Amy J chat about relationships

By Christal Jordan / October 21, 2019

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