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Ridiculous ‘Patti Pies’ memes

Everyone is talking about Patti’s Pies, the now famous sweet potato pie that bears the name of Patti LaBelle that has sold out at Walmart

Let’s talk about memes

Sometimes I cringe when I see certain memes. Not all because some are mad funny. I am talking about the ones that were obviously created

Bill Cosby memes explode on Instagram

Ever since the ill-fated Bill Cosby meme generator (introduced by Cosby’s own media team) fail last year, Cosby has become a popular social media target. Now with

The absolute funniest memes of 2014

Aside from all the scandal 2014 served us, it also served us a load of laughs. From Kim Kardashian’s full frontal nude Paper magazine cover

Snoop Dogg’s best memes

Snoop Dogg’s penchant for marijuana is no secret, so many would probably think his Instagram would be filled with photos of cannibus and weed memes.

Beyoncé: Funniest memes on Instagram

Beyoncé celebrated her birthday; click here if you missed it. As we pay homage to her, we decided to shout out her fans, too. Beyoncé’s fans

Funniest memes from the MTV VMAs

Social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram have become the go-to place for award show commentary, and the comedians were on point for the 2014