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Hottest celebrity moms on Instagram

As if living under constant watch isn’t hard enough, the following stars juggle motherhood, namely: dirty diapers, breast-feeding, play dates, sleepless nights and the terrible twos

Cute celebrity couples on Instagram

With all the stars on Instagram, the photo sharing site has become ripe with amazing celebrity snaps. From sweet family moments to milestone moments, there

Cute celebrity kids on Instagram

Friday night turned into date night for Beyoncé and her adorable daughter Blue Ivy, as they traveled to The Forum in Inglewood, California, to catch

Salma Hayek goes topless; sexiest topless celebrity moments on Instagram

In a sexy photo spread published in “Allure” magazine, 48-year-old Salma Hayek clutches her bare breasts with her hands. But, the Mexican beauty bared more than the physical. Hayek spoke about the wisdom that comes with age (read:men) and even revealed the worst beauty advice she’s ever received.