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Meet 2 Detroit CPAs who are committed to small businesses

For a business owner, having financial records in order is crucial to one’s success. Ashley Johnson and Robyn Fuller of J&F Advisors happens to know...

Cool Smart Inc.’s Tux and Chucks event raises money for Detroit charities

Cool Smart Inc.’s mission is to educate the youth and young professionals on the importance of philanthropy and increasing awareness of charitable initiatives in metropolitan...

Rickey Smiley hosts Best in Black Awards for businesses in and around Detroit

On Saturday, Nov. 11 the Michigan Chronicle honored the best in Black-owned businesses, entrepreneurs, entertainers and community organizations in and around Detroit at the Music Hall...

Channon Sykes starts Direct Care Univ. to open doors to the home care industry

Detroit has become the one-stop shop for innovators, investors and entrepreneurs who want to lead the home healthcare industry. The home healthcare industry has deep...

Meet the Detroit videographer changing events with his special touch

Recently we have seen so many beautiful wedding videos and social media commercials play out over so many platforms. Sometimes, when we see them, we do...

Millennials: Set a budget that you can really stick to

Millennials are typically those who are born between 1982-2004 and are said to be the generation with the most consumer debt. Student loans and credit...

Summertime credit checkup: 7 simple steps to guide you through

Summer is finally here and spring is a not so distant memory. The flowers and trees have bloomed and hopefully, we are well on our...

Pastor changing his church’s neighborhood, 1 home at a time

Queried about why he started revitalizing the homes surrounding his church community, Pastor Arric L. Wilkerson said, “If we can bring the neighbor back to the...

7 credit behaviors to avoid that will prevent you from filing for bankruptcy

Filing for bankruptcy, however warranted, can adversely affect your financial future. Some file because they have legitimate hardships due to medical issues, loss of income,...

7 tips to prepare your finances for the new year

The new year is here and it’s a great time to take control of your financial health. Like starting a new diet or exercise plan,...