Dying Sen. John McCain tells Donald Trump stay away from his upcoming funeral

Even as an aggressive form of cancer continues to eat away at Sen. John McCain’s brain, and the end appears to be very near, he still has enough of his faculties remaining to decide he doesn’t want Donald Trump at his upcoming funeral. Folks within McCain’s inner circle informed the White House officials that the […]

Man offers hugs to Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders supporters

[jwplatform z3I6HCcM] The Free Hugs Project posted a video showing a compassionate man offering hugs to angry Donald Trump supporters and Bernie Sanders supporters at their rallies. Some rejected his offer and threatened him with violence, but others responded positively and accepted his free hug. What do you think of the video?

Russell Simmons knocks Donald Trump, again

Donald Trump has had more than his fair share of celebrity critics, especially when it comes to Black celebs taking the Republican presidential hopeful to task for his racist and xenophobic comments. One Black celeb in particular, Russell Simmons, already spoke out against his former friend Trump last year and now he’s decided to blast […]

Protesters try to stop Trump rally in Arizona

Donald Trump’s arrival to his Arizona rally was delayed on Saturday due to a swarm of protesters blocking traffic near the event. Marches were also staged in New York protesting the Republican front-runner. Demonstrators stood at Shea Boulevard, a main artery into Forest Hills Park, and also used their vehicles to block traffic. Cars were […]

Jussie Smollett blasts Donald Trump

Donald Trump hasn’t been winning many Black supporters outside of former presidential hopeful and famed doctor Ben Carson, thanks to his racist, xenophobic and misogynistic speeches. So it comes as no surprise that yet another Black celebrity, Jussie Smollett, recently spoke out against Trump and explained why he thinks the Republican candidate is the worst […]

Obama calls presidential campaign ‘vulgar and divisive’

While speaking at the annual Friends of Ireland St. Patrick’s Day luncheon on Capitol Hill, President Barack Obama referenced the current presidential race, calling the recent rhetoric and actions “vulgar and divisive.” “The longer that we allow the political rhetoric of late to continue and the longer that we tacitly accept it, we create a […]

Foxy Brown sets record straight on Donald Trump endorsement rumor

These days, Foxy Brown usually stays out of any tabloid controversy. But drama found the legendary MC yesterday when rumors spread that she’d made the decision to puclibly endorse presidential hopeful Donald Trump. Not surprisingly, fans across the Internet were shocked and baffled by the rumor and began to blast Foxy over it. However, Foxy […]

New video compiles Donald Trump’s most sexist comments

[jwplatform HaMTt2Ek] Our Principles PAC, a conservative anti-Donald Trump group, released a video Monday that includes women reciting some of the sexist and offensive comments the Republican candidate has said about women.

Pro-Trump pastor says Bernie Sanders needs Jesus

South Carolina pastor Mark Burns attended a rally in North Carolina Monday, at which Donald Trump and New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie engaged in a Q&A session. Before the Republican presidential candidates came onstage, the televangelist and staunch Trump supporter addressed the Lenoir-Rhyne University crowd and said that Democratic candidate Senator Bernie Sanders “doesn’t believe in […]

T.I.’s message to Donald Trump: ‘F— you!’

[jwplatform VeXvTDy9] T.I. is making it clear whose side he’s not on in the 2016 presidential race. The rapper posted a video to his Facebook page Sunday evening with a very blunt message basically condemning Republican candidate Donald Trump. “Donald Trump, this message is for you … F— you, and f— what you stand for!” […]

Trump wants protesters at his rallies to be arrested

Donald Trump

After several incidents of protesters crashing Donald Trump’s presidential campaign rallies, he’s finally decided to do something about it. He has vowed that he will press charges against future protesters who interrupt his events. Protesters showed up at the Republican front-runner’s Midland Theatre event in Kansas City on Saturday, March 12. Following their removal, he […]

Man thrown out of Trump rally recalls the unruly incident

[jwplatform XgMdgZ0G] Jedidiah Brown was one of the protesters at Donald Trump’s rally in Chicago, Illinois who caused the event to be shut down Friday. He took to the podium to protest against Trump, but was removed by security. Brown spoke with CBC News about Trump and what occurred at the rally.

Woman shouts ‘Black power!’ at Trump rally, gets kicked out

[jwplatform sa4HMpar] A woman at a recent Donald Trump rally shouted “Black power” and was met with resistance. Some shouted “White power” or “shut up” back at her, while others questioned why she was there. The protester was eventually removed from the rally.

Trump supporters attack Black female protester in Kentucky

[jwplatform To3Ei1OD] Donald Trump spoke at a campaign rally Tuesday at the Kentucky International Convention Center. A female protester was seen being shoved by Trump supporters until she left the event. WLKY News contacted the woman, and she confirmed that she was OK and just trying to process what happened.

Killer Mike: Hip-hop change agent using his voice, making history

The social movement in the African American community might be counterproductive for those who siphon off the community’s financial and intellectual capital. Who but ourselves can we blame for our economic and psychological tragedies? It’s partly because we dismiss our financial responsibility, disregard achievement and avoid ownership. In recognizing this truth, there’s an express need […]

Find out how Beyoncé inspires Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton is obviously a trailblazing woman in her own right, holding titles such as former first lady, former United States Secretary of State, and now candidate for the 2016 Democratic Party presidential nomination. Although it’s safe to assume Clinton is inspired by the women in politics who came before her, she recently revealed that […]

Man says Trump is God-sent and Black politicians don’t care about Americans

[jwplatform BZsaxS5Q] During Donald Trump’s rally Wednesday in Mesa, Arizona, the presidential hopeful introduced Jamiel Shaw, who said his son was murdered by “illegal aliens.” Shaw told the crowd that Trump reached out to him when Black politicians didn’t and that the Republican candidate was “sent from God.”

National Black Church Initiative calls Donald Trump ‘downright evil’

The National Black Church Initiative led by Rev. Anthony Evans issued a statement late Monday night following Donald Trump’s controversial meeting with Black pastors earlier that day on Nov. 30, 2015. The letter stated in part that Trump, a member of the Presbyterian community, “is a cancer on our democracy and the pervasiveness of this cancer […]

Donald Trump blasted by Chuck Todd on ‘Meet the Press’

[jwplatform BEQT3yH9] Donald Trump has been getting bashed in the media lately. This is mostly due to his own words and actions over controversial issues. The latest journalist to take Trump to task is Chuck Todd of NBC’s “Meet the Press.” During this past weekend’s show, he challenged Trump on his various statements and outright […]

Killer Mike endorses Bernie Sanders, calls him an ‘extension of Dr. King’

Atlanta-based rapper and activist Michael “Killer Mike” Render endorsed Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders for president at a rally on Monday, Nov. 23 in Atlanta. After spending the evening together — with the two even seen ordering a meal at Busy Bee restaurant in a picture posted on Twitter — he was sold on lending the Democratic candidate […]