An upset customer calls 911 over cold fries, gets arrested

An upset fast-food customer ended up in handcuffs after calling 911 on the establishment. In Kennesaw, Georgia, Antoine Sims visited a McDonald’s and called 911 to make a complaint about the fries being cold. “I try the fries, the fries they’re lukewarm but they’re not hot,” Sims says to the police in body camera footage. […]

Atlanta parents forgive their sons for trying to murder them, Listen to 911 call

Zachery and Yvonne Ervin, both age 50, have chosen to “forgive” their sons, Cameron Ervin, 22, and Christopher Ervin, 17, who drugged, beat and stabbed them, who attempted to murder them so they could “cash in on their life insurance.” On September 5, the Ervin boys drugged their unsuspecting parents with Xanax, a medication prescribed for anxiety […]

Chad Johnson, Evelyn Lozada’s 911 Call Released

Chad Johnson and Evelyn Lozada have been plastered all over the news following Johnson’s alleged domestic assault involving his new wife. And now police have released the 911 call from their dispute on Aug. 11. In the phone call, which lasts about four and a half minutes, listeners can hear Johnson’s neighbor calmly explain to […]

Nicki Minaj 911 Call To Police Released

Last month, news broke that rapper Nicki Minaj was involved in an altercation with her hypeman/alleged boyfriend Safaree “SB” Samuels at the swanky Hotel Palomar in Dallas. And although the Pink Friday rapper has denied claims that Samuels hit her, police have now released Minaj’s alleged 911 phone call. During the call, which was obtained […]

Halle Berry’s Privacy Violated by Trespassers

Over the weekend, Oscar-winning actress Halle Berry got too up close and personal with an unwelcomed visitor when, on two separate occasions, she spotted an intruder trespassing on her Los Angeles property, prompting the actress to call the police. According to TMZ, law enforcement sources say the first incident happened July 9, when an unknown […]