Mysonne Linen is passionate about helping Black youth

Mysonne passionately discusses helping Black youth in Brooklyn, New York (Photo by Derrel Jazz Johnson for rolling out)

Mysonne Linen, along with Tamika Mallory, co-founded Until Freedom, a social justice organization. The activist passionately discussed helping Black youth, the organization’s new campaign, and his participation in a Black men’s event in Brooklyn, New York.

Tamika Mallory reveals what fuels her relentless pace in seeking justice

Tamika Mallory has not stopped yet. Since the Black Lives Matter protest of 2020, Mallory said she’s been on the front lines fighting for social justice. “For two years, I haven’t been home,” Mallory said after being recognized by Black Enterprise. “I’ve lived in the street fighting for our rights. Breonna Taylor was the beginning, […]

Nate Parker uses filmmaking as his preferred method of activism

Nate Parker’s movie career has been filled with roles that share a common theme — to spotlight injustices committed against people of color and the shame of the nation resulting from its mistreatment of Black Americans and other minorities. From his film debut in 2007’s The Great Debaters alongside Hollywood royalty Denzel Washington and Forest […]

Teen poet Fanta Ballo awarded 1st ‘Wonder Grant’ by Shawn Mendes Foundation

Age is not a determining factor of success. Eighteen-year-old college senior and prolific writer Fanta Ballo is evidence of that. The Harlem, New York, native tells the story of her community and identity through spoken word poetry. A rigorous academic, Ballo was the 2019 commencement speaker at Bard College at Simon’s Rock in Massachusetts, where […]

Nutritionist Haile Thomas highlights dietary activism in new book

COVID-19 may be the illness on everyone’s mind, but it is not the only epidemic ravaging the country. When youth activist, author and nutritionist Haile Thomas was a young girl, her father was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes, a disease that — like the novel coronavirus — has disproportionately affected the Black community. Thomas’ family […]

Kenya Moore believes Porsha Williams was clout-chasing with her activism

Kenya Moore continues her well-earned reputation of eagerly sticking her needle into fellow cast members. Moore accused fellow “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Porsha Williams of engaging in activism to raise her profile and respect levels, or what is termed as “clout chasing.” As rolling out reported, Williams was arrested at least twice this past […]

Porsha Williams rips Kenya Moore for saying she’s ‘clout chasing’ by protesting

Porsha Williams became indignant that her “Real Housewives of Atlanta” castmate Kenya Moore would dare suggest that she was “clout chasing” by engaging in protests for Breonna Taylor.  The fireworks began when an Instagram user insinuated that Williams, 39, was engaging in performative activism in order to increase her own social capital over concerns about […]

Keke Palmer slams rumors her activism caused talk show cancellation

Keke Palmer has shut down rumors her ABC Show, “Strahan, Sara and Keke,” was canceled because of her activism. The 26-year-old actress has been speaking out in support of the Black Lives Matter movement in recent weeks, and after reports spread last week that her talk show — which also stars Michael Strahan and Sara […]

Soul violinist Lee England Jr. discusses tribute to Elijah McClain

Lee England Jr. is a multi-instrumentalist, singer, songwriter and activist. England is known as the “The Soul Violinist” for his ability to flawlessly blend R&B, hip-hop and soul. His undeniable talent has garnered the attention of Quincy Jones, Michael Jordan, and Sean“Diddy” Combs. England recently led a violin vigil for Elijah McClain, an unarmed 23-year-old […]

How social media reformer Lenée Voss uses honesty as her ammunition

Lenée Voss, radio talk show host, writer, blogger and activist, has been in choice social media circles since bloggers were the only change agents challenging traditional media. Her alter ego, @DopeGirlFresh, Voss’ most public voice, has emerged on Twitter as a vicarious lionheart who speaks the people’s truth. Voss is fearless in the way she […]

COVID-19 exposes and exacerbates existing crisis in the prison system

It’s no secret that the jails and prisons have been understaffed and overcrowded and that the quality of care provided to prisoners is poor at best. Add a global pandemic to the mix, and you have a recipe for disaster. For some reason, the justice system doesn’t view incarcerated persons as human or as having […]

Tina Knowles-Lawson praises Solange for her activism

Tina Knowles-Lawson speaks lovingly about her celebrity daughters and admits she would like to have more grandchildren. The 66-year-old businesswoman — who is the mother of Beyoncé and Solange — wants to see her beloved daughters have more children in the future. Asked if she wants more grandchildren, Knowles-Lawson told Us Weekly: “Of course I do. […]

How Kim Kardashian is helping a former inmate

Kim Kardashian West is helping former prisoners again. The “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” star has vowed to pay for Matthew Charles’ accommodations for the next few years after he became the first person to be released from jail under the new prison reform laws. Charles was recently released from jail after serving 20 years of his 35-year sentence […]

Comcast and NBCUniversal pay tribute to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s legacy

Each year on the third Monday during the month of January, people gather around the world to honor the legacy of the late civil rights leader Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. This year, on Jan. 21, 2019, Atlanta‘s historic Auburn Avenue was filled with people dedicating their holiday to activism, mindfulness and reflection. Some visited the crypts […]

Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Inc. reflects on activism this Founders Day

This Founders Day, members of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Inc. are reflecting on the organization’s roots in social activism. On Jan. 13, 1913, 22 African American undergraduates at Howard University founded Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Inc. Their first public act was to march in Washington’s Women’s Suffrage Parade, which erupted in violence. Police did nothing to hold back the […]

Beyoncé thanks Nelson Mandela in a heartfelt letter

Beyoncé has thanked Nelson Mandela for “changing the trajectory for so many.” The “Run The World” hitmaker has paid tribute to the late former President of South Africa for paving the way with his anti-apartheid activism. In her open letter, she wrote: “I first met you in 2004 for the 46664 AIDS Benefit Concert in […]

Actor Sheldon Brown turns life’s bitter fruit into something sweet

“This Bitter Earth” is a song recorded by the great Dinah Washington that speaks to life’s realities. Written by David Rivers and directed by Mikael Burke, the stage version currently playing at the About Face Theater at Theater Wit in Chicago stars actors Sheldon Brown and Daniel Desmarais. Brown and Desmarais play an interracial couple whose […]

Janelle Monae wants to ‘support’ causes she cares about

Janelle Monae wants to use her platform to show her “support” for causes she cares about. The 32-year-old singer and actress revealed earlier this year that she identifies as pansexual — a term usually used to characterize a person whose sexual preference is not limited by biological sex, gender or gender identity — and has […]