Daily self-care tips for men: Speaking affirmations

What do men usually do when somebody gives them a compliment? They either deflect or give that person a compliment in return. As men, we can feel like we’re not worthy enough to receive affirmations or we haven’t done enough to receive praise. It’s a constant battle within ourselves that we have to continue to […]

Abby Roselynn shares how daily affirmations help her as an entrepreneur

Abby Roselynn is the CEO of Women Empowerment 101, a brand that equips women and aspiring female entrepreneurs to be the boss of their own lives and businesses. Born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and raised in Lithonia, Georgia, Roselynn faced several challenges as a teen mother raising two daughters but worked hard to build her […]

Daily affirmations: 7 days of motivation

When making affirmations, we assume a new attitude. We take actionable steps to grow and renew ourselves from the inside out by finding prizes to read, increasing our vocabulary, and seeking to understand and love more. Here, I am sharing daily affirmations that I have crafted and abide by. Monday – I can be my best […]