Definition of Black masculinity creates uncomfortable generation gap

A recent episode of BET’s “Being Mary Jane” addressed the African American rigid cultural definition of masculinity. Gabrielle Union’s character, Mary Jane Paul, was sharing her hesitance in moving forward with her new boyfriend, when she explains to her friend that she is used to a man with more “swagger,” which is defined by the Urban Dictionary as “to […]

Data analytics meets Germar Reed

Germar Reed is a native of Ann Arbor, Michigan. His drive as an entrepreneur led him to the nation’s capital. What is your official title, the name of your company and job description? As founder, my job is to launch DC Analyst and move the organization from startup to sustainable business. Tell us about your education […]

Bullying can be stopped, says writer Auguste Moone

Fighting bullying has become the mission of Auguste Moone.  His book, The Stand Up Crew, explores the topic in depth. Tell us about your education and certifications. I have a master’s degree in education from Cleveland State University, and a master’s degree in exercise science from Cleveland State University. What was your experience like as a […]

If ‘Playboy’ can reinvent itself, why can’t you?

Did you hear the news about Playboy magazine? The iconic publication announced that it will no longer feature nude photography in its illustrious pages. Their top editors said there’s no longer a market for their trademark nude Playmates, primarily because you’re one smartphone click away from the most freaky bucknakedness you ever want to see. And […]

Rome Madison on why you’re not getting what you want from goal-setting

There are literally hundreds of books about goal-setting. I would even bet you’ve heard at least one speech about the importance of goal-setting, but has it made a difference in your life? It’s common to set goals or resolutions at the beginning of the year because it represents a fresh start or a new beginning, […]

Kenneth Monroe moves to his own beat as an entertainment entrepreneur

Kenneth Monroe has taken the love from his hometown of East Chicago, Indiana to Los Angeles, California. Monroe is so passionate about his community that he produced a documentary titled Crosstown that was screened privately in his hometown. Tell us your title, job description and company. I am an entertainment entrepreneur. I have experience in multiple areas […]

Internships are critical for African Americans, says Eric J. Evans

Eric J. Evans recently completed internship with Indiana Minority Health Coalition. IMHC is a statewide consumer advocacy agency that focuses on reducing health disparities and works collaboratively with many partners to increase awareness on chronic diseases, as well other preventive services. In that, they know the value of having college students work as interns. These experiences […]