Alliance Tax Solutions can prevent tax trouble trauma

As a young adult, John Cristadoro found himself with a $50,000 in tax debt. After researching options, identifying resources for tax relief assistance, and working with tax guru Deaphalis Sample, the two decided to share their experiences and knowledge with other taxpayers in need. The duo eventually established Alliance Tax Solutions to help spare others […]

Alliance Tax Solutions CEO defines offer in compromise

Alliance Tax Solutions CEO Deaphalis Sample offers tax financial advice. What is an offer in compromise? An offer in compromise is a program the IRS offers that allows us to go in and settle the debt for the lowest amount that’s allowable by law. What are the steps for executing an offer in compromise? One […]

Laurie Davis shares emotional story of how Alliance Tax Solutions helped her

Alliance Tax Solutions has helped many people as they deal with problems with the IRS, and many entrepreneurs have made mistakes on their taxes. Laurie Davis told the president of rolling out, Rashad Richey, Ph.D., how Alliance Tax Solutions helped her. Laurie Davis: I came to Alliance because I was a typical person trying to […]

Deaphalis Sample shares how he has helped clients avoid tax problems

Deaphalis Sample, the CEO of Alliance Tax Solutions, spoke with rolling out about what the company has done for his clients, and how they can help you file your taxes correctly. What are some examples of individuals who have connected with your firm, and you got them out of trouble? One specific situation was one […]

The CEO of Alliance Tax Solutions says you absolutely cannot do this

Deaphalis Sample wants to help. The CEO of Alliance Tax Solutions stopped by rolling out to make clear to people what is and what’s not legal regarding filing taxes. The 1099 is when you get paid money and you’re responsible for paying the taxes, right? Contractors, side gigs, that kind of stuff. That’s exactly right. […]