Beyoncé pregnancy rumors kick into overdrive after recent Instagram post

A playful photo of Beyoncé recently posted to the pop star’s Instagram account has her fans across the world wondering if Blue Ivy will soon have a little brother or sister to play with. While on vacation in Cambodia, Bey posted an uncaptioned photo of herself buried up to her neck in sand with a possible baby […]

Celebrity real estate: Anderson Cooper’s historic mansion

CNN correspondent Anderson Cooper and his partner Benjamin Maisani cash in on a historic mansion. According to The New York Post, Cooper has purchased a 10,127-square-foot home in Bantam, Connecticut, called the Rye House. The Rye House, located in the swanky suburban town of Bantam in Southern Connecticut, was built in 1908 and is listed […]

V. Stiviano beaten. Publicity stunt?

According to, the alleged mistress of Donald Sterling, was attacked this past weekend. According to the website, two white men approached V. Stiviano as she was leaving a club in New York on Sunday.  The men knew exactly who they were attacking and called her the N-word during the assault. A badly beaten Stiviano […]

Don Lemon reacts to Robin Roberts coming out

Many people across the nation were moved when “Good Morning America” host Robin Roberts came out as gay and thanked her “long time girlfriend” in a Facebook post in which she reflected on the past year. And one of those people who was definitely moved by Roberts’ brave confession was fellow gay news anchor Don […]

Alec Baldwin suspended by MSNBC for anti-gay slurs, slammed by Anderson Cooper

If there’s one combination in Hollywood that doesn’t go well together it’s Alec Baldwin and the paparazzi, and it doesn’t help that Baldwin has a bad habit of spouting off inappropriate comments when he’s around the paps. Unfortunately, last week the world got a bad combo pack of all of that negativity when Baldwin had a run-in […]

Kris Jenner’s talk show canceled

A lot of things lasted longer than Kim Kardashian’s publicity stunt marriage to Kris Humphries, but one of those things certainly wasn’t her mom, Kris Jenner’s, new talk show which has reportedly been canceled after only six weeks on the air. According to RadarOnline, Jenner was told by FOX executives, “There is no chance the talk show is going to get […]

Anderson Cooper and Alec Baldwin feud over gay slur controversy

Anderson Cooper may be one of America’s biggest “nice guys,” but he’s not immune to feuds, especially when he thinks they’re for a good cause. Recently, Cooper went toe-to-toe with Alec Baldwin after the actor became embroiled in an anti-gay controversy over an argument with a Daily Mail writer. Now, Baldwin is firing back at […]

Juror B37 in George Zimmerman’s murder trial called Trayvon Martin ‘A Boy of Color’

Juror B37 who served on George Zimmerman’s murder trial, spoke with CNN’s Anderson Cooper. Her interviewed offered insight on how preconceived notions can lead to unconscious racism. During the interview she said, “George Zimmerman feared for his life”; “George Zimmerman is a man whose heart was in the right place”: and “I feel sorry for […]

Madonna, Anderson Cooper and the best moments of the 2013 GLAAD Media Awards

Over the weekend, the 24th annual GLAAD Media Awards commenced in New York City and the growing awards ceremony was packed with several great moments, including some controversial comments from Madonna and super sweet moment for Anderson Cooper. Check out the best moments from the ceremony below. – nicholas robinson

TV’s most successful gay and lesbian news anchors

Acclaimed news anchors like Anderson Cooper and Don Lemon ushered in a new era of acceptance in broadcast media when they came out of the closet and revealed that they’re gay. Though their choice to live out and proud was indeed revolutionary, they’re not the only ones in the LGBT community who are making moves […]

Milli Vanilli singer weighs in on Beyoncé lip-syncing fiasco

Beyoncé has been the talk of the town for all of the wrong reasons this week as fans and media sites continue to debate over her alleged lip-syncing at President Barack Obama’s second presidential inauguration earlier this week. And though it’s still up in the air as to whether Beyoncé sang live or not, Milli […]

Anderson Cooper attacks Sandy Hook killings hoax theory

CNN reporter Anderson Cooper is outraged by Florida University Professor James Tracey for questioning the Sandy Hook killings. Professor Tracey has fueled social media posts and youtube videos with his opinions and theory’s surrounding the elementary school attack, stating in his blog that “one is left to inquire whether the Sandy Hook shooting ever took […]

Anderson Cooper Feuding With Star Jones

NBC “Today” show commentator Star Jones apparently insulted the usually laid-back Anderson Cooper with unfounded comments about his coming out. Jones, 50, alleges that Cooper, 45, announced he was gay in July to gain publicity. While chatting on his show, “Anderson Live,” with his friend Andy Cohen, an executive with Bravo Network, Cooper said that […]

Frank Ocean ‘Comes Out’ as Bisexual in Tumblr Post

In an amazing move that could only be described as an Independence Day miracle, rising artist Frank Ocean has officially liberated himself  and come out as a bisexual. A few days ago, rumors began swirling that Ocean was gay after a journalist, Max, claimed that lyrics she heard at a listening party for Ocean’s debut […]

Anderson Cooper Discusses the Impact of Gay Celebrities and Homosexuality

CNN mega-anchor Anderson Cooper has finally come out publicly with what a sizable percentage of the American populace had suspected all along: he is gay. In a long, sobering email to The Daily Beast’s Andrew Sullivan, the host of the eponymously titled “Anderson Cooper 360” shared the following in response to the question of the […]