Stacey Dash blasts transgender community

For the past couple of years, Stacey Dash has had a penchant for sticking her foot in her mouth when it comes to most situations that deal with civil rights issues. So it comes as no surprise that when Dash recently addressed the hot-button issue of transgender bathroom access rights, she ended up bashing transgender […]

11 states suing President Obama over transgender rights

President Obama has spent much of his second term working on pushing pro-LGBT legislation and most recently his administration has turned its attention to transgender rights in regard to the infamous bathroom access laws. And now it seems that Obama’s efforts have caused too much of a stir among some states because 11 of them are […]

Barack Obama expected to push for transgender bathroom access rights

It seems like the entire nation has been talking nonstop for weeks about the controversy surrounding new laws and regulations that either support equal bathroom access rights for transgender citizens or strips them away. Although some states have now outlawed trans access rights, new reports claim that President Barack Obama and his administration are planning to push for pro-trans […]

Beyoncé weighs in on North Carolina’s new anti-LGBT law

The Beyoncé of yesteryear certainly wasn’t the kind of artist that got involved in political conversations or protests, but the Beyoncé of today is certainly one of the pop world’s biggest activists when it comes to feminism and civil rights. And this week Beyoncé also flexed her activist muscles for the LGBT movement as she […]

Michelle Obama weighs in on Mississippi ‘religious freedom’ bill

Mississippi, like other states across the nation, came under fire this month when it passed a ‘religious freedom’ bill that many have deemed anti-LGBT because of its protections for companies that decide to deny service to the LGBT community. Already, Tracy Morgan has spoken out against the new law. Now, first lady Michelle Obama decided […]

Tracy Morgan protests anti-LGBT law

Several states have come under fire from celebrities lately for passing anti-LGBT “religious freedom” bills that allows for businesses to discriminate against LGBT citizens. And it looks like Mississippi is the latest state to get a high-profile snub from Hollywood as reports have revealed that Tracy Morgan decided to ditch a stage show in the state over its […]

Former NFL star Brendon Ayanbadejo speaks on closeted football players

North Carolina has been getting a lot of national criticism lately over its recent passing of an anti-LGBT bill that voids all of the state’s nondiscrimination ordinances. Since then, several celebs and businesses have spoken out against the state and are even boycotting it. And now former NFL star Brendon Ayanbadejo is weighing in on […]

Michigan House passes shocking anti-LGBT bill

Major strides in the LGBT rights movement have been made over the past year thanks to some progressive lawmakers and even President Obama himself. However, the movement may suffer a major blow if Michigan lawmakers have their way with a new anti-LGBT bill. According to NewNowNext, this weekend, the Republicans in the Michigan State House […]