Nicki Minaj wants Taylor Swift treatment

Nicki Minaj wants to be treated like Taylor Swift. The 36-year-old rapper posted a reflective note on Instagram about her debut mixtape and the lack of support she feels she received from the industry in the 12 years since she released it, insisting that Swift is never blasted for speaking out like she does. “Twelve […]

Culture and music: Filipino-American breaks barriers as an Asian rapper

Meet Christian Kuya, a Filipino-American recording artist with lots to prove to new fans and the industry. Kuya’s recently released debut EP, Kuya, has a hit single, “Fiji,” that fans can’t seem to get enough of. The making of “Fiji” stemmed from a simple drink of water. “I just heard the beat and thought about the [waviest] thing I could think of […]

Jeremy Lin highlights irony in Ivy League students with racist mentality

Brooklyn Nets guard Jeremy Lin became one of the NBA’s most popular players in 2012 after he averaged 20.9 points and 8.4 assists per game in a 13-game stretch as an unsung hero for the New York Knicks. His jersey was the top seller over Kobe Bryant for a good amount of the 2012 season and […]

Jeb Bush offends Asians?

Following last week’s debacle when Donald Trump used the controversial term “anchor babies” to complain about Hispanic parents seeking to birth babies on American soil to gain citizenship while he excluded the growing numbers of Asian and even European immigrants who pay thousands of dollars to achieve similar results in what’s called “birth tourism,” presidential hopeful Jeb Bush has now […]

Rihanna’s explicit sex show tweets get bar owner arrested

The singer’s posts on social media during her trip back in September previously led to the arrest of two Thai men who were allegedly in possession of a controlled species, and now it looks like more of her tweets have gotten someone else in trouble.

40 percent of white Americans only have friends who are white

America remains a segregated nation. According to Reuters, about 40 percent of White Americans only befriend people who are white. Although diverse work environments, schools and social media allows more people to interact with others outside their race, a lot of people are only befriending others of their own race. In comparison, only 25 percent […]

Whites Leave Urban Areas En Masse

New census data that is more narrowly focused reveals that some urban areas have reversed the trend from majority white populations to having more minority inhabitants. New York, Washington, San Diego, Las Vegas and Memphis all now boast white minorities according to the Brookings Institute’s demographer, William Frey. In fact, white people are in the […]

Gladys Knight To Serve as Conductor of Amtrak’s ‘National Train Day’

Trains and legendary vocalist Gladys Knight — two national treasures teaming up for the fourth annual observance of National Train Day on May 7, 2011. National Train Day commemorates the 142nd anniversary of coast-to-coast train travel and America’s transformation into a world power brought on by the advent of the transcontinental railroad. Knight will host […]