Astrolotea event blends tea, astrology and friendship

Astrolotea creators Auriele Boulware of Orange Moon Ltd. and Lavonne Ellis of Tealing Co. mix good vibes and good people together with premium tea, astrology and jewelry for a cosmic experience like no other. After years of separation, a chance encounter at a local Whole Foods reunited the childhood friends and sparked this creative fusion […]

Kim Kardashian, Snoop Dogg, Toni Braxton and More Celebrity Libras

  Many of our favorite celebrities fall under the Libra sign, which most people associate with its symbol of balanced scales. Librans are among the most sociable of the signs. Libras like Will Smith and Eminem, have a knack for balancing form, content, colors and elements, thus drawing them to vocations where they can showcase their creativity. […]

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