6 must-visit Black museums in Atlanta

There is no question that Atlanta is the best city to visit for a real Black history lesson. With Atlanta playing a major role in the history of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and of the Civil Rights Movement, it comes as no surprise that the largest museum of primary resources for both are […]

Mtamanika Youngblood is passionate about preserving historic Auburn Avenue

Recently, Mtamanika Youngblood spoke with rolling out about the importance of the historic fabric of Auburn Avenue in Atlanta and its background. Auburn Avenue is the reason Atlanta is the city it is today. Auburn Avenue, the historic “Main Street” of Black Atlanta, traces its roots to the 19th century. After the Civil War, freed Blacks established Shermantown, […]

Walker Smith writes exclusive bio on music legend Jack the Rapper

“I’m a ghetto man who made good. I never forgot where I came from and who put me on top — God and Jack The Rapper.” ~ James Brown Jack “The Rapper” Gibson was the first Black radio DJ at a black-owned station and he was bar-none the mentor to 40 years of musical superstars […]