Lola Jaye shares how haunting eyes inspired her to write ‘The Attic Child’

Lola Jaye is the author of the book The Attic Child, which is a hauntingly powerful and emotionally charged novel about family secrets, love, loss, identity and belonging. Jaye spoke with rolling out about the book, and what inspired her to create it. What inspired you to create this book? The Attic Child was inspired by […]

Omarion focuses on self-help in book, ‘Unbothered: The Power of Choosing Joy’

Omarion is a Grammy Award-nominated singer, songwriter, performer and actor who rose to popularity in the 2000s as the lead singer of the R&B band, B2K. Throughout his life, Omarion has found different ways to become physically, spiritually, and mentally grounded, which prompted him to write his debut book, Unbothered: The Power of Choosing Joy, […]

Catherine Adel West discusses her book, ‘The Two Lives of Sara’

Catherine Adel West is the author of The Two Lives of Sara, an emotional story of a tight-knit Southern Black community facing prejudice and life’s uncertainties together. What inspired you to write this book? My first book Saving Ruby King did well, but I didn’t feel like I was done exploring some of the characters, so I […]

Author Kristina Forest explores teen love in ‘Zyla & Kai’

Kristina Forest is an author of romance books for teens and young adults. The New Jersey native has penned several books, which include I Wanna Be Where You Are and Now That I’ve Found You which are books with heartfelt, swoon-worthy plots and happily ever afters. Forest’s latest young adult novel,  Zyla & Kai  is a […]

Kendra Allen takes readers into the past with her memoir ‘Fruit Punch’

Kendra Allen is the author of the memoir Fruit Punch, which is about her growing up as a young Black girl and navigating through race, gender, and class. Fruit Punch touches on everything from questions of beauty and how we form concepts of ourselves, to what it means to grow up in her great uncle’s Southern […]

Acclaimed author Sophia Nelson prioritizes self-care in her new book

The world has endured some difficult times over the last two years, and things don’t seem to be letting up. From polarizing politics, the economy, and the ongoing pandemic, we face unprecedented events that will impact us for generations. With all the negatively charged information bombarding us daily, many have struggled mentally and emotionally and […]

Ashley Coleman discusses the inspiration for ‘Good Morning, Love’

Ashley M. Coleman is a storyteller and a music industry executive. She is the author of the book Good Morning, Love, which examines the uncertainty of being a new professional chasing a dream while also trying to survive in a world that’s not always kind to ambitious women. Coleman spoke with rolling out about what […]

Terence Moore discusses the life and legacy of Hank Aaron in new book

Terence Moore is nationally renowned as a sports columnist and commentator. Moore is the author of The Real Hank Aaron: An Intimate Look at the Life and Legacy of the Home Run King, which dives deep into the life of the late baseball legend, and his views on race, politics, media, and sports fandom. The […]

Natalie Moore discusses why she created the book and play ‘The Billboard’

Natalie Y. Moore is a Chicago-based journalist. Moore is the author of the book The Billboard, which is about a fictional Black women’s clinic in Chicago’s Englewood neighborhood on the South Side and its fight with a local gadfly running for city council who puts up a provocative billboard: “Abortion is genocide.” Moore spoke with […]

Tajja Isen sheds new light on social justice in collection of essays

Tajja Isen is no stranger to the power and function of language. Words can be loaded or empty, insightful or incendiary. The power of words can also articulate the absurdity of living in a world that has grown fluent in the language of social justice, but doesn’t always follow through. Isen, a native of Toronto, […]

Lianne Dillsworth discusses Victorian London in novel ‘Theatre of Marvels’

Lianne Dillsworth is the author of the novel Theatre of Marvels, which blends a gripping crime story with an exploration of racial identity as it probes the hidden history of Victorian London. Unfolding in the world of nineteenth-century variety shows, the novel centers on an ambitious young Black actress who has risen above her origins. What is […]

Mary La Cue Simpkins’ ‘Prince Patches’ teaches children about caring for pets

Mary La Cue Simpkins is the author of Prince Patches, a book about a Maltese shih tzu designer dog who’s full of energy. This book provides valuable information and insight for children who would like to own a pet. Simpkins talked with rolling out about her book, Prince Patches. What is this book about? Prince Patches is a […]

Aiyisha T. Obafemi shares the impact of Tupac in her book ‘A Light on a Hill’

The highly anticipated anthology from music industry executive Aiyisha T. Obafemi commemorates the societal and cultural contributions of the legendary icon, Tupac Amaru Shakur in her book A Light on a Hill. The book is a compilation told through the eyes of cultural icons and influencers who were impacted by Tupac. What inspired you to […]

William ‘King’ Hollis discusses his book ‘The Best Gifts Come From the Bottom’

William “King” Hollis is a motivational speaker, author and coach who has traveled the world. He has spoken his way to success, rising from homelessness to becoming one of the world’s top motivational speakers. Hollis talks with rolling out about his motivational book, The Best Gifts Come from the Bottom. What inspired you to write this book? […]

Ladee Hubbard discusses her book, ‘The Last Suspicious Holdout’

Ladee Hubbard’s novel The Rib King was one of the most acclaimed books of 2021, and that literary superpower is evident in Hubbard’s The Last Suspicious Holdout (available for preorder on, is a much-anticipated collection of interconnected short stories that unfold over two decades, mostly in one Black neighborhood in an “unnamed sliver of […]

Frederick Joseph discusses his book ‘Patriarchy Blues: Reflections on Manhood’

Frederick Joseph is the New York Times bestselling author of The Black Friend. He is also an award-winning marketing professional and media representation advocate who was recently selected for the Forbes 30 Under 30 List. Joseph talks with rolling out about his upcoming book, Patriarchy Blues: Reflections on Manhood (available for preorder on, which […]

Jeremy Goodman offers a guide for ‘That Fit Life’ you desire

Are you ready to transform your life, lose weight and keep it off? Jeremy B. Goodman is a certified health coach, a certified personal trainer, and a certified running coach with a book that can guide you toward that fit life you desire. Goodman, who is the chief fitness officer and owner of Good Fitness […]

Sadeqa Johnson shares the backstory of her novel ‘Yellow Wife’

Award-winning writer Sadeqa Johnson has penned four novels. Arguably, her most compelling body of work is her latest novel, Yellow Wife, which is a phenomenal historical fiction. Johnson spoke with rolling out about what inspired the book. Also, click and check out the full Meet the Author conversation. What inspired you to write Yellow Wife? Yellow Wife […]

Sister Souljah’s ‘Life After Death’ finds new life during Black History Month

Sister Souljah’s Life After Death is the follow-up to her bestselling 1999 novel The Coldest Winter Ever.  The critically acclaimed novel, which debuted in March 2021 did well amongst Sister Souljah fans. This year during Black History Month it seems apropos that the paperback version of Life After Death should garner new fans to read this thought-provoking book. Sister […]

Kel Mitchell opens up about the moment he left Chicago to continue acting

Add author to Kel Mitchell‘s resume. The actor and comedian, best known for his roles in the 1990s with Good Burger, “Keenan & Kel,” “All That” and now MTV’s “Deliciousness” has entered the world of ministry. His new book, Blessed Mode: 90 Days to Level Up Your Faith, came out in December. He sat down […]

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