Justin Bieber and the 10 most violent confrontations with paparazzi

In this era of paparazzi, cell phones and pocket cameras, you have to be surprised that the expletive-laden confrontation with Jusitin Bieber and a random British photographer doesn’t happen more often. Most people detest paparazzi as mindless, soulless vultures who scavenge along the underbelly of society and live in sewers. But they feed the public’s […]

Celebrities in love with strip clubs and strippers

The things that some celebrities do when they are surrounded by booze, boobs and booties — even when they have their own boobs and booties. Just 20 years ago, strip clubs were seen as nasty, unholy houses of establishments that existed on the fringes of society and teetered off the edge of respectability. Today, gentlemen’s […]

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