‘Over the top dad’ Jonathan Edison promotes love and communication

Johnathan Edison

Rolling out’s Fatherhood Coach Club is dedicated to recognizing men who encourage and inspire their young charges by cultivating a climate of profound understanding to grow them into confident and productive citizens of the world. Success strategist and award-winning author Jonathan Edison joins the club of elite fathers as a leading authority on living a […]

Couple exposes their HIV status in social media video battle

A Milwaukee woman’s decision to use social media as a platform to announce that she has HIV is being shared across social media. The woman goes by the name of Winona “NuNu” Thomas and states that she learned that she is HIV-positive and her baby’s father infected her. In response, her boyfriend also took to […]

Eva Marcille’s ex disowns their daughter; says she practices witchcraft

Eva Marcille’s ex-boyfriend and the father of their child, Kevin McCall, is on fire for some reason. The rapper has been publicly blasting her ever since news broke that the reality actress is pregnant and happy with her new boyfriend, Atlanta Councilman Mike Sterling. McCall and Marcille have been apart for several years, so no one […]

Punany Poets creator Jessica Holter: Bad sex partner, bad relationship (NSFW)

Jessica Holter, aka “The Head Doctor,” is the creative genius behind the ensemble performance group known as the Punany Poets. The group was featured on the ground breaking HBO series “Real Sex” and continues to perform across the country. Punany’s Playhouse is the latest project Holter is working on and features not only performances of Black erotica […]

Shani T recalls contemplating suicide, shares how she became hopeful

“In my spare time, I vlog on my YouTube channel ‘Simply Marvellous.’ I take you through my daily life with hopes of inspiring you. We are capable of using our inspirations to motivate ourselves to pursue our dreams,” shares Shani T, a graduate of the University of Wisconsin Parkside who earned a bachelor’s degree in psychology […]

Tahj Mowry: He just wants to entertain you

Words and Images by: DeWayne Rogers Grooming by: Jazzmene Ellison Wardrobe by: Victor Michel Tahj Mowry is humming. It’s no discernable song, just an easy, carefree melody —one that suggests a genuine state of happiness. But could anyone really blame Tahj for being happy right now? With a hit sitcom currently on ABC Family (”Baby […]

Motherhood, Rihanna says ‘I’m nowhere near it’

Rihanna, 25, covers the November issue of Glamour and opens up about the best dressed celebrities and her thoughts on motherhood. Here’s what she says. On motherhood: “One day I will have kids. I look forward to the day when I’m gonna be a mom. But I’m nowhere close. I don’t even have a potential baby […]

Celebrity breakups gone bad

When you aren’t in the spotlight, a painful breakup is only witnessed by family and friends. Breaking up when the world is watching is a whole other animal. A nasty breakup can leave those involved scarred for life. These celebs didn’t just break up; they went to war.