Jay Z slammed by iconic artist Marina Abramovic

Jay Z once held the praise and support of iconic performance artist Marina Abramovic, but now the art world icon is bashing Jay, saying that he stiffed her when it came supporting her business. As fans may remember, Abramovic appeared in Jay’s star-studded “Picasso Baby” video, in which Jay, who was inspired by Abramovic’s “The […]

Gucci Mane suing Waka Flocka and Deb Antney for ruining his career

Whatever bonds between former hip-hop comrades Gucci Mane and Waka Flocka Flame were already broken when Gucci went on an epic diss-filled Twitter tirade against Waka and a slew of other rappers earlier this year. But if you thought the former friends would part ways semi-peacefully, think again. A new report reveals that Gucci is […]

TLC tells Pebbles, Crystal Jones to ‘get over’ biopic portrayals

Since the acclaimed TLC biopic, CrazySexyCool: The TLC Story, premiered this past Monday,  the girl group’s former manager, Pebbles, and their ex-member, Crystal Jones, have both voiced their disdain over the biopic, saying it falsely paints them in a negative light. Although the surviving members of TLC have previously taken the high road when it […]

Nicci Gilbert reveals why she’s really feuding with Syleena Johnson

The second season of “R&B Divas” started off with a bang last week when Syleena Johnson kicked her arch-nemesis Nicci Gilbert out of her home after a disagreement. Although opinion may be divided over who’s to blame for their feud, Gilbert is now speaking out and revealing why she has beef with Johnson. During last […]

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