10 of the most beautiful places in the world

If you ever want a vacation to somewhere different, and want to experience the most beautiful places in the world, these places are a definite must. Comment below on which place you wouldn’t mind traveling to visit.

Rihanna’s explicit sex show tweets get bar owner arrested

The singer’s posts on social media during her trip back in September previously led to the arrest of two Thai men who were allegedly in possession of a controlled species, and now it looks like more of her tweets have gotten someone else in trouble.

Blind, Black Citibank VP Stole $22 Million Over 8 Years to Fund Extravagant Lifestyle

Legally blind former Citigroup VP Gary Foster had no trouble seeing dollar signs when he devised a scheme to embezzle an estimated $22 million from his employer. Foster, 35,  pleaded guilty in a Brooklyn, N.Y., federal courtroom to bank fraud charges, telling the judge, “I did this from my Citigroup office …”  He faces up to […]