Obama Blasts Romney Over His ’47 Percent’ Comments

President Obama countered Mitt Romney’s highly controversial remarks made on a secretly taped video where he called 47 percent of Americans wannabe victims. Obama White House must “work for everyone, not just for some,” jabbing back at Mitt Romney’s jarring statement that as a candidate, he doesn’t worry about the 47 percent of the country […]

Mitt Romney Slogan Very Similar to KKK Message Against Minorities

When the Ku Klux Klan adopted the slogan “Keep America American” back in the 1920s, the Washington Post reports, it was to rally Anglo-Saxon Caucasians against black Americans, gay people, Catholics and Jews. Now Mitt Romney has adopted a slogan that, nearly one hundred years later, sounds eerily similar to the KKK’s. Romney, as reported in the […]

Romney Gets Zero Percent of the Black Vote

According to a new NBC/WSJ poll, Obama is working with 94 percent of the African American vote, while Mitt Romney can count on a statistical — wait for it — 0 percent of the African American vote, the New York Times reports. Wow. Even former President George W. Bush did better than that. Both Bush […]

Romney Clinches Republican Nomination for President

It’s now official. It is incumbent President Barack Obama vs. Mitt Romney for the right to reside in the White House after November. Romney clinches Republican nomination for president after winning 100 delegates in the state of Texas that took him over the prerequisite threshold to win the GOP nod. Not that much of the American […]