Is Malia Obama a fan of Joey Bada$$?

Social media is abuzz with the above pic of Malia Obama rocking a Pro-Era T-shirt, seemingly showing love to the hip-hop collective, just in time for the release of Joey Bada$$’ upcoming independent release. For those unfamiliar, Pro Era, short for Progressive Era, is a group of next generation hip-hop heads hailing from Brooklyn, New […]

Drake to Mike Tyson: 20 Obsessed Fans With Celebrity Tattoos

Celebrities are too often lifted to messiah status by overzealous media outlets and some obsessed fans. These fans go beyond showing admiration by purchasing concert or movie tickets, paraphernalia or seeking an autograph. The obsessed fans are so mesmerized they will take on an entertainer’s characteristics, style of dress or even decide to tattoo an […]

Rush Limbaugh Suggests African Americans Teach Their Young to Hate America

If the absurdities of Donald Trump or Sarah Palin are not enough to keep the masses amused and confused, one can always rely on recovering addict Rush Limbaugh to keep hate and racist innuendo front and center. Last week on his radio show, Limbaugh boldly retorted that “all” African Americans intentionally teach their children to hate […]

Tea Party Only Exists to Hate Obama and Minorities

Some things cannot exist and thrive independently unless they feed off of something else. Plant a beautiful garden, and it will give life to a gang of weeds. Without the pernicious, blood-curdling, ganglike hatred for President Obama to prop up the Tea Party’s putrefied-smelling tent, the dastardly outfit would collapse into nothingness, much like the […]

Obama Praises Rev. Sharpton, Bill Cosby, Magic Johnson at NAN’s 20th Anniversary–

NEW YORK – President Obama heaped effusive praise upon Rev. Al Sharpton during the National Action Network’s 20th Annual Conference in Manhattan, telling the civil rights leader that only his weight has changed in the two decades, but not his devotion to uplifting disenfranchised urbanites all across America. “I told Reverend Al backstage he’s getting […]