Jussie Smollett’s alleged attacker knocks out boxing opponent (video)

Abel Osundairo has a reputation for beating people down, and it has nothing to do with actor Jussie Smollett. Osundairo, the taller of the two brothers who allegedly helped Smollett pull off a fake homophobic and racist attack in Chicago about a year ago, pummeled another opponent in an amateur boxing match this weekend. Osundairo, […]

Deontay Wilder says his $40K walk out costume was the reason he got beat down

Deontay Wilder has an excuse as to why he got beat down in the most anticipated fight of the year and it has nothing to do with his profusely bleeding left ear that caused many to suspect he’d suffered a broken eardrum. No. The Alabama bred heavyweight blames his costume, which reportedly cost him a […]

Lil Yachty and crew viciously beat fan at Rolling Loud Festival (video)

Lil Yachty laid hands on an unidentified man, just before his crew stepped in to finish stomping him after he allegedly disrespected the rapper at the Rolling Loud Festival. Yachty, 22, later explained in a now-deleted Instagram video that the man shoved the rapper without provocation nor explanation while he and his team were leaving […]

DaBaby’s female fan gets knocked out cold by his security (video)

The casualty count of fans approaching DaBaby continues to rise. Despite the fact that DaBaby’s security team already has a reputation of pummeling fans who bumrush to greet him or get an autograph, folks keep trying him. It happened again in New Orleans where DaBaby, 27, was performing at the Free Water Block Party In […]

Gas station owners arrested for beating, dragging 2 Black women (video)

Two owners of a Pittsburgh gas station and an employee have been arrested and charged with assault since cellphone footage materialized showing them beating down and dragging two Black females after an argument. The Allegheny County District Attorney’s Office on Monday charged gas station owners Sukhjinder Sadhra, 35, and Balkar Singh, 40, and gas station […]

Migos producer Rob Taylor beaten by rapper over a beat (video)

The rap game has always been a serious matter in Atlanta. Struggling rappers spend hard earned cash on studio time and beats hoping to make a mark in the ATL. One surefire beat-maker with proven talent is Rob Taylor, who has produced tracks for Migos and others. But a recent video uploaded to YouTube shows […]

Man who tried to rob 3 football players gets face beaten into an Emoji

An un-smooth criminal out in Albuquerque, New Mexico got pummeled into submission after trying to rob the wrong group of friends. The players said they saw Angelo Martinez hanging around the Loma Linda Community Center football field, but had no idea who he was, according to the television station KOAT. When they walked to their […]

Racist customer beaten and tasered by Burger King workers (video)

A racist customer at a Houston Burger King got more than a Whopper when he decided to verbally and physically assault employees while wrecking the restaurant. The unidentified customer challenged Black employees by yelling “Spray that s— n—–” and throwing cash registers to the ground as well as other items at workers. One worker is […]

Gay cyber bullying leads to a beat down from boxer Yusaf Mack

Lawsuit!!!!! #YusafMack beats up Internet troll in Philly barbershop pic.twitter.com/CSq2LJACPp — Chop Shop (@ChopShop702) February 20, 2017 In 2015, professional boxer Yusaf Mack admitted that he appeared in a gay porn film, shocking many in the boxing community. At first, Mack stated he was drugged and woke up on a train with cash in his […]

Well-dressed senior citizen beats racist punk on train

A racist punk who thought a well-dressed elderly Black man was an easy target got more than he bargained for recently.  A video emerged of the senior citizen delivering a well deserved beat down after being repeatedly called the N-word. [jwplatform C6hNOINg]

Family of Black while jaywalking teen, Emilio Mayfield speaks out

The family of a teen whose violent police confrontation for “black while jaywalking” is now speaking out. The teen has been identified as Emilio Mayfield, and his family differs on police claims. The teen’s grandfather, Reginald Duncan, 66, has stated that he is now the official family spokesman. Duncan states, “My grandson told me that he was walking […]

White Walmart customer beats another customer for calling employee N-word

[jwplatform zbF6wA9S] When shopping at Walmart, a person comes across many different people and events. This time, a woman allegedly called an employee the N-word at a Walmart in Beech Grove, Indiana. A fellow customer, identified only as Amber, observed the confrontation and became irate with the racist woman. Soon, a physical fight occurred in […]