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Real talk on race: Adele’s talent shouldn’t blind anyone to her privilege

Adele’s music simmers with sincerity, a sort of lived-in pain and hope that resonates deeply with many listeners. She’s been able to turn her heartache into gripping art in a way that feels more mature than contemporaries like Taylor Swift — and more timeless. But regardless of how you may love Adele’s music, make no mistake — Adele is definitely benefiting from White privilege.

D’Angelo worries that fans could be ‘confused’ by his new stuff

Soul singer-songwriter D’Angelo was the latest featured guest at Red Bull Music Academy. Hosted by famed music critic and author Nelson George, “A Conversation With D’Angelo” took place at the Brooklyn Academy of Music, where the reclusive artist behind such beloved albums as Brown Sugar and Voodoo shared anecdotes about his life and career, but also spoke about his new musical direction. He revealed that classic rock has been guiding his creativity as of late.

Black record label brought the Beatles to America, not Ed Sullivan

For all of the attention that the Ed Sullivan appearance garnered, it wasn’t America’s very first introduction to the Beatles. The first American record label to jump on the group’s potential was a small, black-owned label based in Chicago.

Do the Beatles still matter in the age of Beyoncé?

Baby Boomers across America are giddy this week, as numerous events and appearances are planning in celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Beatles’ legendary appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show. But, with all of the nostalgia and tributes, there is a factor that is being ignored as it pertains to the Beatles and their legacy.

6 classic rock songs you didn’t know were about black women

The subject of interracial love has come up numerous times in popular music. Here are a handful of well-known classic rock songs by white artists that fans may not have realized contained subtle odes to (or were completely inspired by) black women

Are you experienced? The 25 greatest classic rock albums

The classic rock era represents what many fans (specifically Baby Boomers) consider the peak of rock music’s artistic ambition and commercial clout. Rock artists were breaking new ground constantly, from the Beatles and Bob Dylan in the late 60s to Pink Floyd and Zeppelin in the mid-70s.

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