Fabulous event highlights Family Dollar’s best Black beauty products

[jwplatform IH4VK4EX] Stephanie Rance, the PR director of the third annual Family Dollar Fabulous event, explains the event’s purpose is to showcase the African American hair care and beauty products sold at Family Dollar. Bloggers and vloggers who attended were invited to share the experience with their readers and viewers.

Curlbox for naturalistas

CurlBox is a very unique company that is both affordable and exclusive. It’s a way to try out new hair care products monthly and have them delivered right to your door. You always have the option to opt out at anytime. Each month, subscribers receive up to seven hair care products in sample sizes. It’s a great […]

Celebrity must-have gadgets, cosmetics and other goodies

The term “basic essentials” no longer refers to just water, food and shelter. It now includes gadgets, vitamin supplements and tinted moisturizers. The word “basic” has gotten a serious upgrade in a culture clamoring for the next hot thing. Ever wonder who keeps the president hair lined up, or how Adele maintains that flirtatious lash?  […]

Ultimate Beauty Supply opening soon in metro Atlanta (photos)

Ultimate Beauty Supply will be opening soon in Alpharetta, Ga., and it’s pretty fancy! We got a sneak peek of what consumers can get in this 3000-square-foot beauty supply store. You can get all the latest hair colors, hair extensions from top lines, the latest nail polish colors, top of the line beauty products, jewelry, […]

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