Beyoncé photobombs drunk fan at karoke bar

It was all fun and games as Beyoncé, Jay Z, Timbaland, Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams walked into a bar in Miami for a little karaoke. According to the owner of Sing Sing Miami, King Bey along with her crew walked in, asking where the restroom was. Shortly after Mrs. Carter requested to enter a […]

Funniest memes about Beyoncé’s surprise album

As one Beyonce fan summed up best, Beyoncé did’t spend a single dime or moment marketing her secret album, knowing full well that her legion of fans would do it for her. And they did so with blissful abandon. Mrs. Shawn Carter sent shockwaves reverberating around the globe when, contrary to all musical convention, she […]

Beyoncé tells why she dropped album with no promotion

Beyoncé has become discontented with the amount of noise that comes in between an artist and the music and the fans. In an interview she reminisces fondly about the time when the dissemination of music to fans was different, when production of albums and videos were major events that would stand the test of time, […]

Beyoncé photobombs concert fan in Australia

There’s nothing better than seeing Beyonce live in concert in all her pop goddess glory. Except when the royal queen of music photobombs a concert fan. That said photo is making the rounds today, in which one lucky concert-goer clicked at just the right moment. HuffPost traced it back to a 15-year-old dancer from Australia who, […]

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