Microsoft lawyer Elke Suber talks helping with Xbox 360 and BESLA

Ever wondered what the perfect job merging technology and law would be? Elke Suber could tell you. As the Assistant General Counsel for Worldwide Retail Stores at Microsoft Corporation, Suber flexes her law and tech knowledge by assisting engineers, marketers, and others involved in launching new devices, with legal support. She has worked on several […]

Black Entertainment and Sports Lawyers Association meeting in Atlanta

Black Entertainment and Sports Lawyers Association (BESLA) members are headed to Atlanta for their 2013 mid-year conference on May 17 and 18, 2013, at the State Bar of Georgia headquarters. The welcome event will be held at Vanquish Lounge. Themed,”Maximizing Partnerships for Global Competency” the conference will be presided over by Bernie Lawrence-Watkins of B. Lawrence Watkins […]

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