Dragon Con 2018: Black cosplay rules even when BBQ Becky shows up

Once again Black cosplay took center stage at Dragon Con starting at midnight on the first official day of the convention with a Wakanda United party. Participants marched into the room in true Black Panther fashion proud in their armor and costumes and then broke into “The Electric Slide” and for Black folks, the party was […]

Actress Anna Diop called too Black to be latest DC hero in ‘Titans’

For decades, Black fans of science fiction have yearned to see faces similar to theirs on screen. The first major recurring Black sci-fi character was Lt. Uhura, played by Nichelle Nichols, who was encouraged by Dr. Martin L. King Jr. to remain on the show because of the importance of viewers seeing a future that included […]

The world of Wakanda comes to Atlanta for Dragon Con 2017

At this year’s DragonCon there were dozens of people dressing as their favorite comic book heroes. This year there was a special event that featured Black attendees with the theme “World of Wakanda.” The fictional kingdom of Wakanda is ruled by Prince T’Challa, otherwise known as Black Panther, is the subject of a feature length […]

Black heroes matter: Black geeks rise at DragonCon 2017

This past Labor Day weekend, Atlanta played host to DragonCon 2017. This year’s convention of pop culture brought over 82K visitors as well as $70M in revenue to Atlanta businesses and hotels. One major part of DragonCon that has grown over the years is cosplay and many Black attendees let their imagination and creativity shine. […]