Founder of New Era Detroit talks about organization in Black communities

Isiah “Zeek” Williams founded New Era Detroit in 2014 in response to violent crimes against women and children happening in his hometown. He shares with rolling out what New Era is doing to make positive changes in Black communities nationwide. Talk about your company and everything that you guys are doing. Our whole goal is to […]

3-year-old Black history scholar Serenity Sadié knows her stuff (video)

While some 3-year-olds are saying goodbye to their “terrible twos” and learning how to say their names and how old they are, one toddler is going above and beyond to learn about her heritage. Serenity Sadié is an adorable tot who loves to learn. Serenity’s mother Miriam Moore shares videos on Instagram of the lessons […]

11 inspiring tips from successful Black business leaders in history

Black History Month is here and it truly gives the country a chance to recognize and admire all the contributions African Americans have made over the years. From bank presidents to music label owners, these pioneers have laid the foundation for what it takes to persevere despite obstacles. When building a business, entrepreneurs can often […]

Trump uses Black History Month to present his Black team to the community

To kick off Black History Month, President Donald Trump gathered together a group of Black, umm … leaders, that he plans to work with during his administration. Some of those gathered worked on Trump’s presidential campaign and were recruited by Omarosa Manigault and will work with her at the White House. None of the individuals […]

For Blacks in post-racial America, better is not good enough

As an African American living in a supposedly post-racial America, I have grown accustomed to the following life cycle: injustice, grief and expected forgiveness. No matter how egregious the offenses against AfricanAmericans are, White America will only tolerate a brief period of grieving while they impatiently await our inevitable words of forgiveness, which will be […]

Black leaders, like it or not, speak for the masses

The Black community is once again at a watershed moment. Because of the increasing issues of social justice and equal protection under the law, as a collective Blacks need a voice in America. Fortunately, there are Black leaders who have been on the forefront of Black causes for many years, and in some cases, decades. […]