Naomi Osaka packed 7 Black lives masks in preparation for US Open title run

Former US Open champion Naomi Osaka is preparing for another run a the prestigious tournament she won in 2018 and will do so with a targeted purpose. Upon arrival at her first-round matchup, where she dispatched Misaki Doi on Monday, Aug. 31, she approached the winner’s circle with a desire to share some context regarding her […]

‘This is Nigeria’ by rapper Falz shows duality of violence in Africa

Ever since Childish Gambino dropped his video “This is America,” there have been many who have attempted to copy and in some cases subvert its message. However, the Nigerian rapper Falz, real name Folarin Falana, has taken the concept behind the video and applied it to circumstances in Nigeria. Falz’s interpretation shows how much more […]

Modern Black pain can’t use outdated tactics for change

This past week, another chapter was written on Black pain and outrage. The murders of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile now join a long and tragic list of Blacks murdered by police under dubious circumstances. The public already knows that Blacks are killed everyday across America through gun violence, and many anti-Black Lives Matter protestors […]