Ex-convict Kimberly Smedley discusses butt injection craze and how to be safe

Kimberly Smedley served almost two years in the federal penitentiary for performing illegal butt injections on the black market, which are a felony. She stops by rolling out‘s Reality Check to discuss her book, The Backside of the Story, which chronicles her introduction to the black market game. [jwplatform ju0KqHdg]

Woman dies in Queens basement after illegal butt injection

Thirty-four-year-old Kelly Mayhew was pronounced dead on arrival at the St. John’s Episcopal Hospital where she was taken after a butt injection went awry. On Saturday, Mayhew and her mother traveled from Maryland to Rockaway, Queens, to receive black market butt shots from an unlicensed person. This was done on the recommendation of a friend of the family. Note: Friends don’t […]

Detroit woman gets butt injections, now faced with partial amputation

Keke is living a nightmare. The Detroit woman wanted to flaunt a ‘big ole’ butt so she paid $1,000 for silicone injections to be administered by an unnamed doctor. Immediately after, she became very ill and has since been diagnosed with septic shock. She later found out from doctors that she was injected with industrial […]