Multimillionaire McDonald’s owner is a force of nature, making money moves

Roland Parrish is the president, CEO and owner of Parrish McDonald’s Restaurants Ltd. Parrish is also the former chairman and CEO of the National Black McDonald’s Operators Association, a 42-year-old organization with $2.7 billion in sales and 1,300 restaurants. However, it didn’t take long to discover that Parrish is a force of nature, whose level […]

Retired NFL Player Van Jakes Enjoys Life as a Successful McDonald’s Operator

McDonald’s Owner Van Jakes once enjoyed a seven-year career in the NFL, where he played cornerback for notable teams like the Green Bay Packers, Kansas City Chiefs and the New Orleans Saints. When the husband and father of four retired, he yearned to be an entrepreneur and continue to build his nest egg. After careful […]