Natalie Hall is the people’s servant

Natalie Hall, who sits on the Board of Commissioners in Fulton County, Georgia, never aspired to live a life dedicated to public service. The Evanston, Illinois, native began her career in information technology with a bachelor’s degree in computer information systems from Chicago’s Devry University and later earned master’s degrees in business administration and public […]

Celebrities we lost in 2020

New Year’s Eve is a time of celebration and hope. But it is also a time of quiet introspection and mourning for the invaluable treasures we lost in the past 12 months. As we thankfully close the book on the year 2020, we also commemorate the ones we lost. Congressman John Lewis: The venerated civil […]

Former inmate lawyer who inspired ‘For Life’ series now running for NYC mayor

Isaac Wright, the formerly incarcerated lawyer who inspired the ABC drama series “For Life,” has officially declared his candidacy for mayor of New York City. On Tuesday, Dec. 1, Wright’s announcement was made public. During an interview with People magazine, Wright discussed his intent to run for the position. Although he did not reveal specific […]

Phaedra Parks reveals plans for major career change

Phaedra Parks

Ever since Phaedra Parks joined the cast of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” years ago, she’s done an amazing job of expanding her brand outside of just being a popular defense lawyer. She’s become a fitness DVD guru, a certified mortician, and, most importantly, a mother of two. And now it appears that Parks wants […]

Leading black mayors

The power players in politics mirror the demographics of the cities they represent. Cities like Atlanta, Washington, D.C., and Newark appeal to African Americans because they offer opportunity for economic and educational growth. In these cities, there’s a strong black middle and upper class that significantly influence the political climate. The development and progression of cities like Atlanta and D.C. […]

Cornel West, Tavis Smiley: Respect and consequences or political bullies?

There are always bullies in the midst of a movement. Traitors of a cause. The anti-progressive. The misinformed who push to diminish the black voice of justice. Thank you Cornel West. Thank you Tavis Smiley. Thank you to all those who’ve figured out how to climb their way to the top while stepping on others. […]