Prominent white Muslims

The topic of Caucasian or Anglo-Saxon Muslims surged to the forefront of the American conversation after a clear identification of the Boston Marathon bombing brother suspects Dzhokhar (alive) and Tamerlin (deceased) Tsarneav was disseminated to the media by the FBI. To some, a Caucasian Muslim is an oxymoron or the representation of two diametrically opposed […]

Twitter reaction to Boston bomb suspect Dzhokhar Tsarneav’s capture

Boston can finally exhale. A sudden loud chorus of cheers pierced the dark, quiet night in Waterford, Mass., just as news of the capture and apprehension of the elusive second Boston Marathon bomb suspect Dzhokhar Tsarneav spilled out the police scanners. The largest manhunt in modern American history — and most certainly an unprecedented search […]

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