The Honey Pot CEO Beatrice Dixon shares practical steps on building a brand

Beatrice Dixon is the CEO and co-founder of The Honey Pot Company, a plant-derived vaginal wellness line. She has leveraged her vast expertise in pharmaceuticals, retail, natural foods and personal passion for wellness and herbal medicine to build an innovative and disruptive plant-derived feminine care system. The Honey Pot Company’s system spans the ongoing needs […]

Martell’s Christophe Pienkowski hones in on brand building during All-Star weekend

Christophe Pienkowski understands the importance of brand building. As a national Martell ambassador, Pienkowski has traveled the globe to create brand awareness. During, NBA All-Star weekend in Chicago, Martell will host several events. Pienkowski recently sat down to discuss his journey, events in Chicago, and the importance of diversity. What events can we expect from Martell […]

Singer Justine Skye collaborates with H&M on new fashion line (photos)

Fashion and music go hand in hand. Over the years, we have seen some of the hottest female recording artists bring their fashion ideas to life through collaborations with major brands. Now, singer Justine Skye has officially joined the ranks of celebrities to team up with one of those brands for a signature collection. Like Rihanna’s […]

Eboni Elektra shares business insights at the 2019 RIDE Conference

Eboni Elektra, founder and CEO of The Social Light, an entertainment brand, was a featured speaker at the RIDE Conference 2019 on Friday, Sept. 6, in Atlanta. The Atlanta native described her life as an entrepreneur during the “She Leads: Strategies for Effective Leadership” breakout session. Rolling out caught up with Elektra after her session. […]

Tyra Banks set to launch ice cream brand

Tyra Banks is set to launch her own brand of ice cream. The 45-year-old supermodel has filed legal documents to trademark the words “Smize Cream” — in honor of the term she coined to mean “smile with the eyes” — and reportedly wants to use it for a new line of frozen desserts. According to TMZ, the […]

Why trademarks are crucial for the creative entrepreneur

Have you ever wondered if you need to have a federally registered trademark to protect your brand? If you are a business owner or a brand, more than likely you do. A trademark is a word, phrase, symbol or design, or a combination of words, phrases, symbols or designs that identify and distinguish (“mark”) the […]

Why Praise Jackson is Atlanta’s most sought-after brand strategist

 Praise Jackson is founder and CEO of Elements of Delight, an agency that provides brand strategy and image consulting services. The Georgia State University graduate spent most of her professional career in the model and talent industries. Jackson, who started her company in 2014, has worked with some of the best and brightest in entertainment, […]

Praise Jackson shares how polishing your brand and image can promote success

By Praise Jackson Brand and image. We often hear and see these two five-letter words whether in print, on television, on the internet or on social media. When speaking of “brand,” we associate it to a company’s identity, logo, product or service offerings. While thinking of the idea of an “image,” your favorite celebrity may possibly come […]

Aniesia Williams is the heart and soul of brand integration and content

Aniesia Williams knows the fabric of what makes a company move and a brand become a household name. She’s a brand strategist, journalist, and content creator for multiple industries. Her resume includes working relationships with companies such as Lincoln, Lionsgate, Mercedes Benz, and more. She also runs and was recently named director of content […]

Here’s how influencers can elevate their brand’s presence to global stardom

It’s a well-known fact that people prefer to shop in their native language. Naturally, they feel more comfortable when they completely understand what they’re reading. The same goes for searching. It’s highly unlikely that potential consumers in foreign markets will find their way to your website using English-language searches, which means you need to incorporate […]

Should brands like Nike penalize talent over religious beliefs?

Manny Pacquiao recently lost his Nike endorsement because of his anti-gay statements. He was asked his personal feelings on gay marriage during a political debate; however ,after being honest about his beliefs, he was penalized with the loss of an endorsement. For an athlete or celebrity, losing an endorsement is an automatic financial setback, but […]

Why Beyoncé’s brand remains flawless

The Beyoncé train is raring up to make a big surprise in 2016. In true Queen Bee fashion we won’t know exactly what the plan is until it’s too late and we have no choice but to ingest the phenomenon that is Beyoncé in all its glory. 

Breaking down ‘branding’ and the business of capital for startups

It’s more than a notion to convey how imperative branding is to many organizations. Branding is the promotion of a product or service that extends beyond the lifetime of the inventor. The product or service can sell for millions. The company can go public for thousands, for millions, across securities exchanges around the world. But what exactly does […]

Rome Madison talks branding, professional development

As the year ends, Rome Madison shares more information about your professional brand. Rome Madison is an expert on personal and professional reinvention. Read more on his blog at What are the three keys to Increase the value of your professional brand? According to a recent Harris Poll survey 83 percent of Americans set financial goals each […]

Detroit VS Everybody CEO Tommey Walker explains why he trademarked the company’s name

Rolling out sat down with the man behind Detroit VS Everybody, CEO Tommey Walker, inside his second store in Detroit’s Eastern Market.  A recent honoree at the Michigan Chronicle‘s 2015 40 Under 40 event; the creative mind behind Detroit VS Everybody opens up about the brand and why “VS Everybody” is now trademarked. Please describe your leadership style. I like to […]

For the love of that Q score, publicists would sell their soul

They say the Internet was the death of the mega superstar and without being facetious I believe there is truth to that. If the internet wounded the superstar, then social media undoubtedly snuffed out the very definition, and now we are an industry filled with popular people for very little reason outside of visual stimulation. […]

Vivica A. Fox commits huge PR faux pas, calls 50 Cent a ‘booty snatcher’

Vivica A. Fox and 50 Cent clearly had one of the worst breakups in Black Hollywood history. Their connection was the embodiment of a May-December romance gone wrong, and exemplified why bad boys don’t always make the best bed partners for older women. The short-lived romance fizzled out almost immediately, but Fox, like many women, has had […]

Velma Trayham talks branding success: 'Always remember to live and give'

It’s a tough time for small businesses and aspiring entrepreneurs working to make their professional dreams a reality. The Brand Masters Tour organizers understand the challenges too well, that’s why they are taking their knowledge on the road and their inviting fellow brand masters to join them on their 10-city tour that aims to revitalize small-business owners […]