Michael Jackson’s ‘son’s’ DNA test bogus?

It is being reported that yesterday’s DNA test results that “proved” singer B. Howard is the illegitimate son of pop star Michael Jackson was completely fake. Numerous outlets have found evidence that the test was bogus. In fact, it is being reported that the DNA testing facility’s logo was actually from the action film Terminator Salvation.

Funniest Twitter reactions to Michael Jackson actually fathering a son

Michael Jackson had always maintained that the blockbuster classic song he wrote and produced, 1983’s “Billie Jean,” was inspired by the legion of crazed female fans who falsely claimed one of his brothers had fathered their children. It turns out, however, that the famously androgynous Jackson, whose sexuality was often called into question, might have […]

Michael Jackson’s ‘son’ DNA test results revealed

Associates of singer Brandon Howard have claimed that the singer is the son of late pop superstar Michael Jackson. And according to a recent DNA test, it looks like friends of the 31-year old may be telling the truth. It was reported by TMZ that a DNA test would be performed to determine whether or not Howard, who goes by the stage name of B. Howard, is actually MJ’s kid with R&B singer Miki Howard.