Friends and Family React to Deaths of Staten Island Toddlers

The news of the deaths of toddlers Connor, 4, and Brandon Moore, 2, was really hard to digest. After their Staten Island, NY,  home lost power Monday evening during Superstorm Sandy, their mother Glenda attempted to drive them to a relative’s home in Brooklyn. A tidal surge overwhelmed the SUV, causing it  to stall. Mother and children escaped the […]

Black Woman’s Kids Drown During Superstorm Sandy, Neighbors Ignored Pleas

Staten Island resident Glenda Moore, 39, had a Sandy experience that is unimaginable. Her toddler sons, Connor, 4, and Brandon 2, were ripped from her arms by a torrent that flooded her stalled Ford Explorer. She ran to the homes of unneighborly neighbors for help. One told her: “I don’t know you. I’m not going […]

NY Jets’ Brandon Moore Talks Next Season, Sanchez and Tebow

New York Jets’ captain Brandon Moore came to the team as an unheralded free agent in 2002. Since then Moore has steadily risen to become one of the best guards in the NFL. Moore agreed to talk to rolling out about the Jets’ upcoming season, Sanchez and Tim Tebow. What was the transition like from defensive […]