Fans celebrate the idea of a potential Bratz doll of Nicki Minaj

When you think of a loyal fanbase, you are sure to think of the “Barbz,” one of the largest and most vocal fanbases loyal to the Queen, Nicki Minaj. On Aug. 28, MTV Video Music Awards premiered and Minaj graced the awards with her presence. The Barbz were in a frenzy after glimpsing Minaj’s showstopper […]

Meet Logan Browning, the new face of ‘Dear White People’

Logan Laurice Browning is navigating the streets of Los Angeles like a seasoned Black woman boss, metaphorically and literally. To the former, the starlet eagerly awaits her debut as the lead character in “Dear White People,” which premieres April 28 on Netflix. To the latter, she’s actually whipping what I imagine to be a wicked […]

Logan Browning: Making her way to the top

She wants to be great. Even in the lighthearted moments — and there are lots of them — you can still sense that a greater purpose lies within actress Logan Browning. As the star of VH1’s breakout dance drama “Hit the Floor,” Browning has seen her fair share of the spotlight. But even as legions of […]

Happy Birthday Logan Browning! Sexiest Instagram photos

Actress Logan Browning turns 24 today, and even at such a young age, this woman has a resume that most young actresses can aspire to. The Atlanta, Georgia native first stepped on the acting block on the teen series “Summerland” where she played Carrie. From there Browning went on to play Sasha in Bratz: The Movie, Brianna […]

Barbie and Bratz Catfight Ends; Mattel Win Overturned, Must Pay $88 Million

You guys know the hugely popular Bratz doll that was all the craze and the number 4 toy for girls in 2001? Mattel, the maker of Barbie, put its dukes up against MGA Entertainment Inc., maker of Bratz. Mattel felt a certain kind of way when the creator of the Bratz dolls, Carter Bryant, created […]