Celebrities who battled depression

Depression is a serious mental illness that can happen to anyone, even people who may seem to have it all. Earlier this week, this became extremely relevant, when iconic funnyman and actor Robin Williams appeared to have committed suicide by hanging, after reports claimed that he had been suffering from severe depression, anxiety and the […]

Tamar Braxton says she hated being pregnant

Tamar Braxton has received a lot of press for her candid comments about the difficulties in being a first-time mother, and we suspect that that negative press might continue now that she recently commented that she “hated being pregnant.” In a new interview with Flaunt magazine, Braxton was asked about the possibility of having other […]

Tamera Mowry and the oldest celebrity virgins

Lolo Jones confessed that keeping her virginity was the hardest thing she has ever done in her life, including competing in the Olympic games. Tamera Mowry can corroborate that — and she did when the Mowry twin and her co-stars from “The Real” flowed into Hot97NewYork, where the 35-year-old bronze beauty said she did not lose […]

Tamar Braxton admits it took time to fall in love with her son

They say that it’s love at first sight for moms and dads when they first lay eyes on their newborn child. But, according to Tamar Braxton, that actually wasn’t the case for her when she gave birth to her baby boy, Logan Vincent Herbert, last month. In a recent interview with CocoaFabTV, Braxton explained that […]

Gabrielle Union is ready to become a mom

Most would expect a 40-year-old woman to either have children already or expecting them on the way. For years, actress, Gabrielle Union has gone against the grain and claimed that she wasn’t interested in walking down the aisle or having kids any time soon. But now it appears that Union has had a change of heart and revealed […]

‘The View’: Brandy and NeNe Leakes competing for a spot?

Brandy’s acting career has been thriving as of late, with her return to “The Game” and a role in Tyler Perry’s upcoming Temptation. But the singer-turned-actor now seems to have her eyes set on daytime TV as a replacement for Joy Behar on “The View.” However, Brandy may have some stiff competition from one of […]

Celebrity moms who suffered from postpartum depression

Postpartum depression affects roughly 19% of women after giveing birth. Being a happy and rich celebrity doesn’t make one exempt from these numbers. With so many emotions and hormones running rampant during and after childbirth. The symptoms of irritability, anxiety and even suicidal thoughts can clutter and bring about anxiety. See which celebrity moms admitted to being […]

Jennifer Lopez Thought Her Twins Didn’t Love Her: 5 Celebs With Baby Blues

With Mother’s Day drawing near, many celebrity moms having been sharing heartfelt stories and plan’s for the much celebrated day. But Jennifer Lopez recently shared a darker story about becoming a mother, revealing that she suffered from a serious case of postpartum paranoia. Lopez revealed her troubling “baby blues” in the June issue of Redbook, […]

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